[Product]  BB-122 Diablo Nemesis X:D

Does anyone think that the weight of Diablo will make an effect on it's attack abillity similar to MF/ Basalt BD145RF? Why does all the people who post in this thread think UBM is bad? is it because of the auto-mode change, It seems good to me, Free-Spinning MW, Ultimate Balance Mode Diablo Nemesis could have some smash, and may find itself as an attack wheel. The attack mode looks more defense orientated.
What I mean is that TT made attack mode look defensive like Rock or Fang.
Now I get what you mean, you can only use UMB on Diablo, which I know already but could atleast be decent if used by a blader who can use XF efficiently.
this is gonna be a bad bey.

I'm pretty sure large, chunky protrusions doesn't scream "DEFENSE". Also pretty sure free-spinning parts would most likely be unusable for smash.. Also, it's bad because UMB is limited to XGrin.

Have you been under a rock?
diablo has some good smash attack by the looks of the video.
I'm going to copy and paste this from the Fusion Hades comment because apparently you didn't see it there:
(Dec. 29, 2011  4:51 AM)Nuzumaki90 Wrote: Would you quit adding together pointless words together to make a comment? The bey was released this exact day so of course no concrete testing has been made as of now. Duo hasn't even had a lot of testing either so even if we get testing for Fusion Hades, we still wont exactly know which parts are better for now. The Metal Frame has lots of bumps on it, the only thing that even comes close to round on this bey is the Rubber Frame.

Just be patient and stop filling up the pages with impatient nonsense.

Replace things where appropriate so it's relevant to Diablo instead of fusion, but yeah.

Stop making pointless posts for the sake of making posts, it's irritating.
diablos has very poor stamina but okay attack power
(Dec. 30, 2011  5:59 AM)allentg45 Wrote: diablos has very poor stamina but okay attack power

serously read the post above you
dude i have diablos for myself so i can tell you it has really poor stamina but its attack is pretty good
If you have it, start a thread, do some testing, record some videos of soem of the battles, and actually help us out.

Yes that would be very good.
Well you live in North Carolina, which is in the states, which would lead me to believe you're lying because of this:

(Dec. 29, 2011  9:33 AM)Raigeko13 Wrote: It was released a mere 2 days ago. Even with expedited shipping from Japan, it still would not be here. Even in other countries closer to Japan, it would be getting there probably around today.
Please everyone, im pretty sure that Diablo had many knockouts against Fusion Hades because of Fusion's rubber's recoil, and not that Diablo has a lot of smash attack. Fusion is like a giant R145 bomb waiting to explode
The reason R145 had recoil was it's shape, not its material.

It was on what is basically a sharp tip too, that is not helpful when trying not to be KO'd. Diablo is heavier therefore harder to KO. Etc etc.

Either way, we will not be able to tell until we see testing.

Murder, just plain murder...

EDIT: Well I was just describing the video, that's all. Sorry if it seemed I over-reacted, Kai-V.
Can everyone stop over-reacting like babies ? Stay objective, you are making stupid conclusions.
  • In that video, Diablo was an Attack Type and and Phantom Orion is a Stamina Type. What were you expecting ? Of course Stamina gets defeated by Attack very easily.
  • The knock outs were not particularly aggressive.
  • AkirasDaddy is still using his modified Hasbro Rev-Up Launcher ?
  • B:D is at a stuck height and X:D's height seems to be more advantageous in comparison.
  • etc.

Videos cannot determine how good a Beyblade is because most people doing those don't bother to uncustomize the Beyblade, leaving us with no actual clue how well the Beyblade can perform, and how good any of its parts are. And to all the people speculating on this thread without there being a single piece of testing, please stop speculating, as it can be annoying having to repeat ourselves and tell them that they don't have proof of how good a Beyblade is without a significant amount of testing provided by other users who are giving up their free time just to test all these parts on a wide variety of combos.
(Dec. 30, 2011  6:00 PM)allentg45 Wrote: why is that
Just read it again, I have clearly explained why.
I've gotten my Diablo , My diablo MW weighs 52.01g.
I've noticed that is that when using this wheel, the Face tend to get loose easily especially in UBM.
The tendency of Face being loose with Metal face is higher than with regular plastic face.
Honestly I'm Loving the recoil.
Diablo not only broke the metagame; it broke it's own thread.

I hear people have this now. Hopefully I shall wake up to a treasure trove of testing, as I am falling asleep as I type this.
does this fusion wheel suffer from more recoil than variares or blitz
Gosh dang it reality just screwed itself in the ear.

I am scared that Diablo had broken reality. Where did people's thinking go? Did they just happen to hit recoil as well?
Guys,this has been mentioned,but don't talk about recoil here.Recoil is a bad thing.To make it simple,Recoil makes you self-KO'ed.If you don't get my statement,check the Beywiki.Also,about Diablo for Defence,You guys are crazy.I would like to ask to someone who already has Diablo:-Are the protrusions weight distributed well?If so,it would have some hopes for attack.BTW,I love UBM mode.XGrin might have some usage,compared to other 4D Bottoms.Seriously,SonoKong,make this heavier.Lol.
(Dec. 30, 2011  6:07 PM)DragonManiac86 Wrote:
(Dec. 30, 2011  6:00 PM)allentg45 Wrote: why is that
Just read it again, I have clearly explained why.

no i was replying to someone else sorry
Another battle by AkirasDaddy.... Diablo Nemesis vs Basalt Horogium!