[Product]  BB-122 Diablo Nemesis X:D

XGrin is gonna be killer since you can use a sharp tip on it and not have it scrape like bd145. just speculation. can't wait for it to arrive!
Meow: I don't think most of the excitement/fear about this is for the sake of what it will do for defense, more what it will do to defense.

Fury: not really, you can put an S tip on lots of things that don't scrape, and it still sucks.
well i know s sucks but think of it this way. the track is pretty heavy like bd145 and its pretty wide but not too wide. so i think that it would stop it from wobbling as much
I am not sure it would make such a big difference that S would suddenly be good ... Even if it wobbles less, that does not make it good.
@Z.E.R.O & Ga'
D:D anyone? lawlz

As for S on X Drive... Eh.
If Diablo Nemesis is properly balanced (which I'd somewhat be led to believing since TT added an "Ultimate Balance" mode) then it may prove to be much better than what S has shown in the past.
Then again, it's S. Lol
so which has better smash attack? Blitz or Diablo?
(Dec. 28, 2011  5:25 AM)exemartinez Wrote: so which has better smash attack? Blitz or Diablo?

We don't know that cause Diablo has not been tested.
(Dec. 28, 2011  5:25 AM)exemartinez Wrote: so which has better smash attack? Blitz or Diablo?

Until multiple people have posted test results, comparisons, and observations, it is unknown.
(Dec. 28, 2011  5:25 AM)exemartinez Wrote: so which has better smash attack? Blitz or Diablo?
-facepalm- Blitz bro we don't know if diablo is good at smashing but XGrin with ultimate balance mode scares me too much...

VS Big Bang Pegasus (Just Attack Mode)
XGrin works like a shorter MFB version of SG Auto Change with the addition of a tip. And this thing looks good to me esp. the face so if at all it perform too well/too bad or whatever I will definitely get it for the awesome face and the aesthetics. And I am almost sure that XGrin will not find much use but yes Diablo can do some damage
I agree to what th!nk said...
It should have been possible to switch to S²D manually.
As for Diablo, this heavy thing is certainly threatening. Still, I am 100% positive that it will not cause too much of harm(I dunno why I get such dumb thoughts, though)... Its probably because I am yet to battle a Basalt... Confused
And as SAM said, the aesthetics are cool, and its always a great feeling of being able to own something known as the 'Ultimate Beyblade'. Its also nice to own the bey owned by the antagonists! Tongue_out I especially, love to get antagonist beys. Joyful_2
I wish i could see what the CW looks like If only it was more focused on maybe just maybe i can piece together a beast which is what i usually do for non beast beys but still a interesting bey with its chimera like construction the face is good i really wanna get my hands on it
17 minute long unboxing and battles. If you don't want to watch the unboxing part, I suggest you skip to 6:00

Another Unboxing/Battle video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc620x_sKZk Again if you don't want to sit through the unboxing part, skip to 3:00.

VS Beat Lynx http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeKzvTv8EkM VS Death Quetz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRrjmXU4x...er&list=UL VS LGrinrago Destroy FConfused http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99MHENF8f3A
Wow diablo can get get easliy outspun in ultimate balance mode, because of the randomness switching from a tip without friction to a tip that has friction. It gets tossed pretty easily to, especially when you can't control the tip that is actually decent.

And just like I said in attack mode, the recoil comes back. I'm not expecting much.

I love the gimmick though!

Here is an unboxing and some battles with diablo nemesis.

Yes, I definitely would be put off by recoil on a low-grip track which, if it's like the tip the mode is named for, easily slips the tornado ridge.

Because, ya know, you wouldn't do something more to handle the recoil when you customise. Ever. Nope.
Yes that is my point. The recoil in attack mode is large. It would balance itself out if compared side-by side duo/death bd145cs to diablo bd145cs.
Why are so many people looking at this as a defensive part?

People are crazy.The protrusions on Diablo for Defence is crazy.Better stick with Attack.
The only thing I'm scared of for attack is the speed. This thing is gonna weigh a ton. Going by the video posted a couple pages back, its real slow; however it could be just the condition of his rf.
Or, you could just use R2F and sacrifice the stamina that you wouldn't have anyways to get that necessary speed to blow up every stadium that Diablo is launched in.
There is a reason why R2F existed.I have high hopes for
Diablo Nemesis CH120R2F
it is attack, I think the defense abbilities come only from his weight, can someone here make a battle

mf-h Diablo nemesis ch120/s130/r145 RF/R²F vs. Basalt/duo/death Aquario Bd145 CS/MB ?
That looks more like a worn RF or a very bad launch than anything.

Basalt moves fast on RF, so do all our current wheels, I doubt this will be much different. Plus, the weight looks nicely distributed.