[Product]  BB-113 Scythe Kronos T125EDS

Kronos would actually represent Saturn. Just finished a Greek mythology project. Smile

Anyway, I'm not digging the Face too much, but I love the name of this Bey. Hopefully it'll be good for something other than Attack, like the other 4D Beys have.
Thank you Ink., I believe Kai-V was mistaken, unless the people at Takara are complete idiots.
Well, an Endurance metal wheel. Just what i expected.
I hope this metal wheel work well
Yes, it was a mistake.
I just wanted to say that WBBA's blog has been updated. (Sorry if its not big news?)


And Scythe's weight is concentrated more on the outside (similar to/the same as Rock metal wheel).
Holy god this thing is soooooooooooooo cool.
does anyone know is there is any gaps and spikes on the ridges of the wheel?
or its completely round similar as Libra and Infinity?
So AkriasDaddy already bought some of them?
he is so fast that I can't believe it =o=

Also, Thank you, Clonetos!
Dang that blade sounds like a buzz-saw at launch.....
Looks like only the S of EDS is "eternal", and it looks a bit different to the usual "S" of DS. I'm quite impressed, ot seems that Takara Tomy thought this through quite well, could be good...

If what you say is true, Jaems, it could, in theory, be quite a useful stamina wheel.

If I had money, I'd preorder it. Even if only for the sweet cw :p
It's released tomorrow,
and we can know more about it Grin
I saw it I was like O0O and after the video ended i was still shock Akirasdaddy is a blader among men man He has my respect.
Its solo spin time is exceptionally good..but what we will have to find out is its performance against other attackers esp. like LLD BD145 LRF and, Basalt and Hell combos
Weight distribution of scythe looks great, and that pc frame spins pretty freely, which is a good indication. The solo spin was pretty good there, as far as I can tell (how much does the revup launcher increase it?). Still, quite impressive, My only concern is the weight, and (somewhat related) it's defensive ability. It needs to be able to survive against hell and basalt. I'm hoping the pc frame handles those, particularly basalt. It'd be cool if it was able to defend against basalt's stamina-sapping powers, as it would bring conventional stamina back from it's current state of stagnation.
This Scythe Kronos has the longest spinning time ever in Beyblade history. I might be getting it, if there are more positive reviews about this bey.
Preeeetty sure that wasn't 5 minutes, and it was launched with a (modified?) Rev Up Launcher, which adds to it's spin time. The 5 min virgo mold is called that for a reason, and earnt that title using 145D, and a plain beylauncher. Plus, we don't know which parts contribute how much to the spin time (eds, scythe, kronos, even t125).

Saying that's the longest solo spin in beyblade history is, frankly, ridiculous.
That is true, but remember, EDS is worse for stamina thanks to bad balance and having the Eternal tip grind against the sides in its casing. Try out Scythe Kronos on 145D and a plain beylauncher, then we shall see.

Speaking of 5 min Virgo, I wish mine was...
Wow the Beyblade looks great!

Here are some weights:

Looking at these weights, I can clearly see that Scythe is on the heavier side. Not to speculate, but I don't see any or much ATK potential on such a flat wheel in similarity to Rock. Eh, well just have to see for ourselves tomorrow. Thank you, AkirasDaddy for the weights.
Scythe is round a wheel with a lack of any protusions so I think it's safe to say that this won't have much if any attack ability.
Oh, those weights are good Cute The only time scythe would have any real contact points would be in the apparent "fixed" mode pf it's pc frame, which tbh probably won't be much use Uncertain

@Ga: Don't write EDS off, do you have proof it grinds? It could in theory be quite decent, that tip kinda looked like sd from what I saw Confused I'm just saying that saying it had the longest solo spin time ever wasn't true, from evidence so far at least.
I was judging based off of the noise it made, which all Eternal tips make. It's the sound of the metal shaft grinding into the plastic. But like I said, I agree with everything else you said.
Fair, but I suspect most of the noise is from the pc frame.
I'm actually much more excited about this than I thought I'd be, it actually looks to have potential, even EDS (which looks to me likeit could really improve on DS), considering DS is beginning to find it's nichr, and the eternal series aren't all that bad (ES is supposedly better than S and BS, EWD isn't great but is finding uses).
I Do think that most of the noise is coming out from the EDS.
(As you see those E tips are EXTREMELY LOUD.)

however, E tips suffer from balancing problems,
and DS isn't very good either,
so I doubt is it a good stamina part......
Well, what you said is true, but who knows? This just may turn out to be awesome.... Tongue_out
btw, the free spinning PC frame looks great! Will it help? I wonder why did AkirasDaddy do a solo spin instead of some real testing... Looking forward to OkiBlaze getting this... He does do the tests you know...
Uncustomized from AD's vid it does around 5 minutes which is a pretty good solo time, so i wonder if sticking a WD/D/SD would improve the time...

also from the vid, the balance was pretty good, compared to solo with ES/EWD, so EDS might be good.

Im pretty excited about it now, and want to buy lol