[Product]  B-182 Beyblade Dynamite Battle Entry Set

(Apr. 26, 2021  12:34 AM)TheRogueBlader Wrote:
(Apr. 26, 2021  12:31 AM)BeybladeManiac0 Wrote: I mean how its spin path changes from circling to the left to circling the ridge to the right.

Ah yes. That is cool indeed.

IMO, Venture is Anchor But It Actually WORKS.
Mine gonna arrive tomorrow, I'm so excited that I take a day off work too spend time beyblading
This whole set is really good.
DBL is a great bey.
The new launcher is fantastic. The pull is super smooth and it is far more powerful than the LR launchers I have.
Very happy with the new stadium. With the larger size I don't have to soft launch drift. In the Pro Series stadium anything above a soft launch and Lucifer The End would fly into a pocket, In this stadium I've yet to have it self KO even with hard launches. I haven't been able to keep a banked launch in a flower pattern yet. Brave Valkyrie stock and Super Hyperion stock from RB24 both flower very well in Peo Series stadium, in the DB stadium they'll do 2 petals and then shoot up to the highest ridge and stay up there for a while. Fairly certain the banking pattern is more an issue with learning the stadium and launcher than it is a design flaw in the stadium.
The Launcher is Awesome. The bey is Awesome. The Stadium is Awesome everything about it is awesome
Really hoping that this stadium gets approved for tournaments. It is hands down the best stadium out there right now.