[Product]  B-178 Random Booster Vol. 24

(Mar. 10, 2021  9:16 PM)GrinAndBarrett Wrote: Got mine today, got Revive Phoenix, Imperial, Lucifer and Master (#7, #5, #3, #1 respectively for my preference).some weight comparisons for the curious.

Revive Phoenix Core (B-130): 14.19g vs Revive Phoenix Core (B-178): 14.40g

Defense (B-101): 6.17g  vs Metal Defense (B-178): 8.39g

2D (B-169): 47.07g vs 2D (B-178): 48.19g  , both unawakened

Variant (B-169): 5.84g vs Variant (B-178): 5.89g

Lucifer (B-169): 5.55g vs Lucifer (B-178): 5.58g

I have a question about the difference between regular 2D (B-169) VS Gold 2D (B-178).    Has anybody had any luck awakening the gold version?   Is there any difference on the rubber?   I have been pounding on my gold 2D with Rage Longinus to no avail.   Is the pink rubber softer than the gold rubber?