[Product]  B-00 Booster Astral Hello Kitty.Ov.R'-0 (Hello Kitty Collaboration)

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New booster slated for release on September 17th, 2022. (Though apparently they'll be prereleasing it on August 5th, during the Hello Kitty Cup that's going to be held at Sanrio's Puro Land...) Includes new Hello Kitty DB Core and Revolve' Driver. Retail price is 2,200 JPY.

Product Promo Images from Amazon:

Part Promo Images from the official Beyblade Burst Website, with description translations courtesy of DataBeys Project from Twitter:
We’ve gotten wedge’, bearing’, high Xtend+’, zone’, atomic’, wave’, and now revolve’. I wouldn’t be surprised by anything at this point. It is good for thought though, what is TT thinking? What is going through their mind? I’m not saying that as in “oh my gosh what are they thinking, this is absolutely insane”. But they really are creating a home for stamina types now. We have also gotten more attack options than usual though, recently it was really just rage. Now we have savior, guilty, ultimate. Personally, I would like to see them make more drivers that don’t really fall into either category.
There’s bearing’, high xtend+‘ as your basic stamina driver
Then there’s xtreme’, quick’ for your KO attack combos
Then there’s drift, mobius as more opposite spin focused
Then zone’+z, rise as a mix of stamina/equalizer
I would just like to see TT experiment with different types of drivers, or out of the box ideas for stuff. They have been doing that with the chips and blades recently. Most of the chips we’ve seen have gimmicks. We’ve seen metal on the chip, dual spin chips, bound gimmick, burst stopper, rubber stopper. And the blades all feel like (even though there are obviously top tier and usable options) they have some sort of use, despite some (ex: cyclone) being trash and some (dynamite(f), vanish, guilty) being the best of the best.
This is off topic from the release but I guess it was just a ramble starting with getting revolve’.
God that Astral blade is dripped out. HK Core on Winning Combos When?
This release is comedy gold. And even better, it actually looks good, unironically a pretty bey.

Now, let's all agree to throw revolve' in a fire
The new astral blade will match with the red longuines core even better then the red and white astral blade
With this release we now have painted Giga, Karma, and Over - surprised that TT hasn't dropped a painted Nexus at all.
Looks like something out of a horror movie
One of the pics gas faulty revolve. Do we even need it since everything from bearing to drift to high Xtend+' makes it look obsolete?
My thoughts on Kitty is the core is cute and the colors on Astral are neat i only really care for the Gold Ov so I can slap that thing on Raphael

[Image: kw07jiu.png]
[Image: NVJjX92.png]
bro imagine the gold over on the gold ultimate w/ either br' or hxt+'

also someone please do the vanishing kid meme but with vanish hello kitty
Does anyone have a good way to get the bey online I would love to get this
2,200 yen?
That's 16 bucks for the Americans (🚢 noy included)
(Jul. 03, 2022  1:43 AM)The dark knight Wrote: What website was it on

Amazon japan
Can you link it I can’t find it thx
(Jul. 03, 2022  4:44 AM)The dark knight Wrote: Can you link it I can’t find it thx

Thank you to every one that helped me find it I managed to pre order
I'm looking forward to get it tomorrow
I wonder how good R' is...great.
Now I want a TF Beyblade/Pokemon beyblade...
Let’s just agree to ban revolve’ from classic before anything else
Official promo video from Takara Tomy: