[Portugal] Universal Portugal Bladers

if I had the MFB Attack Stadium was an official tournament of the WBO, but so have the burning Firestrike therefore not followed the tournament rules WBO
We're back everyone .
Another tournament is being organized in Porto at the Parque da Cidade .
Beyblade Summer Bash .
Me and Tixblader are the organizers .
please appear in the tournament!
if they wanted to participate in the tournament from the port, send email to tiagosalsichasnobre@hotmail.com
I will go with Vamasco to the tournament Grin !
I also go to the tournament!
Nice , thank you !
Can I go to the tournament?
It is in the city park is not it?
What time?
Of course you can go to the tournament !
It's in Porto , at the Parque da Cidade 15:10 .
And the fee is 3.5€ .
I go to tournament in Parque Cidade my nick is crazyfog
I go to tournament in Parque Cidade my nick is joao ribeiro
eu vou ao torneio do porto dia 20
eu vou ao torneio do porto o meu nick é pedrosf
I go to tournament in Parque Cidade my nick is pedrosf
So, this topic is really off.

I'm a new blader from Portugal.
hey, portuguese bladers!!! i believe this winter would be perfect for a tournament in lisbon! ill set up as much as i can so pls reply if you can help organize it/participate in it
(Jan. 05, 2011  4:02 PM)Ricko Wrote: This Thread is for all Portugal Bladers we can talk here and maybe try to organize all together an Event Proposal! Now i see that our country have more bladers day after day! Beyblades in our stores are now sold out! and more Portugal Bladers had come to WBO!

So all Portuguese feel free to talk about Beyblade here and make some good proposals like a friends tournament.. i hope with this thread people friends be made and some future tournaments come!

For Kai-v and others Moderators: i know we have a topic like this for Portugal but the guy off that topic kind of leave and ALSO his Topic was just for oeiras(oeiras is not even a city is a small place in the city of Lisbon) i want to ask you to not close this one because i´m planning on making this alive as you know i spend very hours off my day on WBO and the guy of the other thread leave..  so please let this thread alive.. i know that it´s a matter of time to have Portuguese posting here..

Portugal needs it!

Thank you very much!

I know it's been long since you brought this up but I just signed up in WBO and I am still trying to learn how to work with this but thanks for making this thread, I also am from Portugal and I thought that everyone forgot that Portugal too has a lot of bladers, I'm from Porto and it's really rare for me to meet bladers here, actually... I didn't met any and that makes me feel kind of lonely but I hope to meet someone one day! Anyway, a tournament in Portugal would sound really good since there hasn't been any lately...