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This Thread is for all Portugal Bladers we can talk here and maybe try to organize all together an Event Proposal! Now i see that our country have more bladers day after day! Beyblades in our stores are now sold out! and more Portugal Bladers had come to WBO!

So all Portuguese feel free to talk about Beyblade here and make some good proposals like a friends tournament.. i hope with this thread people friends be made and some future tournaments come!

For Kai-v and others Moderators: i know we have a topic like this for Portugal but the guy off that topic kind of leave and ALSO his Topic was just for oeiras(oeiras is not even a city is a small place in the city of Lisbon) i want to ask you to not close this one because i´m planning on making this alive as you know i spend very hours off my day on WBO and the guy of the other thread leave.. so please let this thread alive.. i know that it´s a matter of time to have Portuguese posting here..

Portugal needs it!

Thank you very much!
Hi, nice thread and good luck. You may want to add a prefix in your title so its easy to identify: [Portugal]
thanks! i did it thank you very much
I live in Portugal and I´m trying to organize a tournament with my friends , but I haven´t got the time to organize one.Next to this tournament , I´m going to try to organize an official WBO tournament in the spring time , but this time it will be for every Blader in the country.So if you live in Portugal , comment on this Thread so I could get an idea of how many Portuguese Bladers are on the WBO.
thanks Vamasco that was what i´ve been looking for!
I suggest you post on all Portugese Beyblade videos on youtube with the link to this thread.
Hopefully we could get enough of a portuguese base to have our own forum, like the italians, spanish and french.
Unfortunately a few of the new portuguese members have been reckless with the rules. :[
(Jan. 07, 2011  12:12 AM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]Hopefully we could get enough of a portuguese base to have our own forum, like the italians, spanish and french.
Unfortunately a few of the new portuguese members have been reckless with the rules. :[

yes.. i heard but we have some Portuguese Bladers though.. ans we should have a Portuguese Forum because in Brazil and in Africa they speak our language.. we teached them ages ago.. Portuguese is a language talked in a lot of countrys... it´s the launguage more talked in the World because of Brazil and Africa...
Yeah, there was this one guy called Blader Richie/Nick Blaze, who just didn't understand that he was being banned for a reason (not listening, making spammy posts, and being a self-important nuisance, etc), and kept creating more accounts whenever he was banned, yeah. Probably didn't help Portugal's standing on here.

But seriously, do what we Australians have done and make your own forum, at least in the interim. There are loads of free hosts out there, and I don't think forum software is particularly hard to use. If it becomes big enough that a decent free host can't handle it, I'm sure the admins here would consider allowing it to integrate with the WBO.
Or do what the spanish/french/italians did.
Also; Ricko is blader richie.
(Jan. 07, 2011  11:42 PM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]Or do what the spanish/french/italians did.
Also; Ricko is blader richie.

who´s blader richie? he got a lot of fame around here... all i hear is people talking about him.... whateve.. yeah but i can´t do it alone..
Look 'Ricko' I shall ignore your past account, but please don't pretend.
In any case, I hope we can form a tournament, even though I cannot attend. :V
Portuguese people , I´m trying to organize a tounament but I can´t do it on my own.So if you really want a tournament give me suggestions.I´m trying to do a tournament in Lisbon because it´s the capital city of Portugal.
So I need several suggestions for a date and time for the tournament happen.I would like to organize a tournament in January so give suggestions of places in Lisbon that would be good for a tournament.
Name of the tournament : Beyblade Cold battles(if this name is already used please tell me so I could change it.

hello did you reed my message i am curios blading whit you where can i meet you?
hi people i have a store in lisbon and i will sell japonese beyblades and american beyblades all of beyblade metal fusion versions XDXDXDXDXDXD and i will make tornaments there too so if you want to know more contact me, i will make a page for portuguese beybladers in facebook i will post the link later

Could you please tell us the adress of your dads store , and what Japanese Beyblades does your dad sell ?
Are they Takara-Tomy or SonoKong ?
And if we can get enough Portuguese people on the WBO , we would be very thankfull to you for organizing a tournaments .Thank you for posting !
Hi Portuguese Bladers !
I think it's time to organize a tournament.
Now that the Easter holidays are here , we should use this time to organize a tournament.
We only need 8 ( or more ) people , and don't worry about the attack stadium , because I own one.
We need a place to meet up and make the tournament happen .
So , I'm guessing Porto or Lisbon , for obvious reasons . The biggest cities in Portugal , and probably , the cities with most bladers living in it.
But if you live anywere else , be sure to let us know cause nothing is decided yet .
If you're Portuguese and want to talk with me about the tournament , please PM me (in Portuguese or English).
We need a tournament to unit the Portuguese Bladers !
Sup guys .
Ok , so now we're trying to get in the famous Bey Days Grin .
So I need every blader support so we could make this tournament happen .
So the tournament will be in Lisboa , Mafra ( jardim do Cerco ) 28th of May 2011 .
The tournament is called Ancient BeyBattles because of the place were hosting it .
We only need 8 Bladers mininum , so please get your Beys and sign up for the best tournament of the year Grin !
i am coming for this tournament and i am gonna a be judge
Finnaly you posted Maxi50 !
Yes , you are going to help me judge this tournament ... but before that happends , we NEED Bladers !
I'm going .
Vamascos sister Grin !
I'm going to
cant wait
We did it .
We have 9 attendes to this tournament Grin !
Thank you everyone !
I'm going Grin !
Finnaly something in Portugal ...
Why wasn´t this tournament been approved .
and , thanks vamasco
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