Poll: Protocol in evaluating and limiting variants parts in WBO deck format

Poll: Do you agree with the protocol described below in terms of dealing with variant parts in WBO deck format going forward

Total: 100% 30 vote(s)
What is being proposed?

1) Allow for a 10 week minimum observational period from the date of release for variant parts.  If variant parts are to be limited to “one of” in the WBO deck format, it will be limited after this 10 week observation period  (eg. MDr and Br’ would be eligible to be limited to one variation per deck by 12-4-2021)

2)   Variant part restrictions will be dealt with on a case by case basis.  ( under the WBO deck/Final stage format, I propose adding a section of “part variants that are not repeatable” in which the non-repeatable variants are listed)

*For background information and discussion:

This is acceptable to me. Hopefully amenable to people on either side of the previous debate too, as the option is still there for us to have issues dealt with - just don't want to rush into things or hit everything blindly without need. I don't feel like that's a big ask, really?
This poll was conducted poorly as it has been pointed out to me. I am inexperienced at polls.  A new one will replace this soon. We do want to hear from you.
What, did someone not like how this is going?

Eh, whatever, let's see the new poll.