Pokemon Unite

Anyone know how to get more money fast?
(Aug. 22, 2021  5:20 PM)UnseenBurst Wrote: Anyone know how to get more money fast?

If you have enough tickets get the double coins item from the shop
I'm getting Cinderace tonight for my 8th Day Log In Prize! I'm super excited!!
I gave up, I am going to do it in September. I got to 8 days, so when September 22 comes I will login in for the last six to get Greninja!
Cinderace is an absolute beast, it knocked basically everything out with Pyro Ball's and Ember's! I recommend it!
Ninetails is also a beast, avalanche and aura veil, over powered! Garchomp as well! Dragon Claw/Dragon Rush
If anyone wants to play I’m open lol
Now that it is out on mobile… I grind! I just got blastoise (broken) and am now saving for Mamoswine. Some advice always have a 7 day coin multiplier on. I also like absol, Garchomp is not as good anymore, Charizard still good. Attack types are really good currently, Cinderace Venasaue and Ninetails, pika chi is okay.
I don’t know if anyone still plays this, but Sylveon and Mamoswine have been released and I have enough for Sylveon! That is one of my favorite Pokémon so I am really psyched!

Also Greninja is so good! Double Team/Water Shurikin is so good! It deal mass damage and can wipe out Ann opponent in a matter of seconds.
Sylveon with Mystic Fire and Draining Kiss is a very strong and aggressive build!
(Oct. 06, 2021  8:24 PM)Trsal Wrote: Sylveon with Mystic Fire and Draining Kiss is a very strong and aggressive build!

With calm mind you can survive for much longer with stronger attacks, but that is my personal opinion.
Where are my fellow Crustle mains?

Highest Bulk in the game, and one of the highest speed. It doesn’t have bad dmg either, and CC isn’t something Crustle can’t do either!

He’s literally the best scorer in the game too

His bulk gives him more shield with score shield and his mobility allows him to get from goal to goal quickly
I don’t like to play crustle, but I do think he is good. I prefer attackers more than defense.
I SUCK at unite but good game over all.
(Oct. 09, 2021  2:30 PM)Beyl0v3r Wrote: I SUCK at unite but good game over all.

Tips to help you: if you have a unite move ready and it’s at 4 minutes left, use it, you will get it back by the time zapdos appears, Always, ALWAYS go for zapdos, it is the most important part of the game. Drednaw is better than rotom, always prioritise it. Good items to use are: Buddy Barrier, Score Shield, Focus mans, Muscle Band, Razor claw, Choice specs, and wise glasses, and on SOME Pokémon Attack weight or scope lens are good. Try searching up videos about you main and find out the best items for it, and the best moveset. If you find a Pokémon too hard, try another one, if you seem to be losing and are playing an attack heavy Pokémon (a carry) try using a defender so you have more HP and more room for mistakes. Defenders don’t have to always stay at the goal and defend, they may be used as bruisers, like shell smash Crustle or flail Snorlax. Mr Mime and Wigglytuff can be used for this purpose as well.

Wigglytuff is fun