Pokémon Sinnoh Remakes

It’s gen 8 now so we are probably getting gen 4 remakes soon, what are your hopes for them?
I personally think they should be called timeless diamond and spacial pearl, and there should be primal palkia and dialga, plus mega arceus and mega for the starters.
This seems like such a good idea I would love to see it happen and really hope it does because gen 4 was such a good generation of Pokemon and when I started playing the game is love to see it brought back
Primal dialga and palkia sound good. How about gigantamax arceus and giratina?
Id be down just to see the lake spirits mesprit azelf and uxie all over again <3
What if Nintendo were to do Let's Go remakes of the games?
(Mar. 04, 2020  1:42 AM)BeybladeManiac0 Wrote: What if Nintendo were to do Let's Go remakes of the games?

More pokemon for sword and Shield i guess, with pokemon home you can transfer them. I will just get it to make my sword account stronger.
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