Well here it is im gonna ask out someone with this tell me if its good:

Hey I hope we can be friends after this
Cuz my hearts telling me i want to be more than friends
Even at dawn and always at night
I will never forget those sparkling brown eyes
A day without u is like a day without light
cuz u are the thing that makes me smile
u make me overflow like the nile
If i had the chance i would hold u close
Always by your side
never let you go
Ill always keep ur heart
it will never be tore
i dont know how this will end
cuz i fell in love with my best friend
Now here one thing i have to say
_____________ will u go out with me today
cuz ive been thinking about u all day

a comment will help oh and the line is the persons name i just didnt wanna put her name
this poem was pretty good bro go for it the worse thing she can do is say no but just trust urself when u ask her
Um, whats this with all the poems recently?

A question, was it supposed to be written in slang?

Where it says "tore", it should say "torn".