Plot Armor's The Direction Chooses You!Make Way For Same Spin

How to play 
#1:spin the wheel
#2Confusedpin direction will be chosen and announced
#3:get your bey ready
#4:Matches will be announced

 This was 7/17/22 at Surrey Downs park Bellevue Washington.It was a nice cloudy yet pretty warm day.(A little more cold than warm).And although i didn't win I would say I did really good.Now let's get to it

Round 1:
The first round was announced right spin and as you know I chanting for it.First i played against newcomer Golden Bladder7 which is actually my cousin using raphael stock and i was using dynamite-f dragon Gg Hxt+-10.I don't really have much to say fore this one but it was a coincidence to go against my cousin in the first round and same goes for my brother Surge Master going against my other cousin Master Bladder4.Any way I won the match 4-0 but I bet with more practice anyone can make it to the top.

Round 2:
Alright round 2.The wheel was spun yet again and this time it landed on left spin and I was a little disappointed on this one but I had to deal with it.It was me against Zektor next I had a lot of faith that i could win this one when i saw what he was using.I came out with my vanish longinus ov br-0 & he came out with guilty bahamut ov Hxt+.When he saw what i was using he wanted  to
give me the win just like that but he somehow won.In the first battle he knocked me of balance and in the 2nd battle he bursted me and this was all in stamina mode i believe and i lost 3-0 this was a cool mach

Round 3:
Boom left spin again and I used the same combo battling Yartzi with master stock.It was a pretty simple match. There were stamina and balance combos.Bearing had betted LAD bc generate has LAD but not enough.I won the mach 3-0.  

Round 4:
(Cence there was 2 left spin matches in a row we gotta go right to left spin.)In my next match i played Kushagra2015 with his master devolose and since we spun left spin twice in a row we had to go to right spin so i used the same combo as last time and OSed my way to the finish 3-0

Round 5:
Next match was Is a light launcher fan on a lord combo Arsalan2010.(She likes light launchers so much she denied a power launcher offer from Zektor.)Yet again I used the same right spin combo and I OSed her 3 in a row which got me the W!And that got me to a 4-1 record and slapped me in a spot in top4

In group A we had Zektor with 4-1 and me Diamond Blader With 4-1.And in group B was Xorn23 with 4-1 and Dylan2000 with 4-1

In the semifinals i went up against Xorn23.In his deck was prominence spriggan Gg Mm.Ultimate belial 2 Ov Hxt+.Roar fafnir Nx-s mobius.In my deck was dynamite-f dragon Gg Hxt+ -0.Vanish longinus Ov Br-10.Guilty bahamut Kr Zn-z -2.First i played my dynamite combo and he played his prominence combo.In the first battle i got a point then Xorn called a rematch and i got the second point to so that put me up 2 points.Then Xorn switched then i used mr guilty but when i chose guilty he changed his mind about switching and i think i took the point again In the next battle we both switched and i went back to my dynamite combo and he went to roar and that battle ended up in a tie so we did it again and Xorn took that point.That brings us to a 1-3 with me in the lead.since I lost that battle I countered with my vanish combo and hard OSed him bc he was on mobius.Then we went back to the 3rd battle guilty Vs prominence and it played out the same way.Then i won the mach 5-1 or 5-2 cant remember

In the finals was me Diamond Blader and Dylan2000!In dylans deck was guilty longinus ov metal xtreme-2.Devil valkyrie Gg Hxt+.And greatest raphael Tp At.And I played the same deck.First it was guilty Vs devil,after we launched our beys we started talking about spin equalization and before you know it the battle ended in a draw and so we did it again and i got OSed.Then we both switched i went to vanish and he went to guilty and he KOed me and for some reason i called a rematch and Dylan2000 absolutely demolished he and dylan won the mach 1-5 congrats dylan 

Overall I really enjoyed doing this tournament and I am looking forward to more tournaments Congrats on your first tournament Plot armor