[Plastics] :: Random Thoughts/Parts Discussion Thread

Whatever lets you sleep at night, Danners.

The combo is currently:
AR: Triple Claw
WD: Wide Survivor (Wide Defense works about as well)
SG: Right SG (Bearing Ver 2, Uriel 2 tip (attack))
SP: Survivor Ring
BB: Customise Bearing Base

The whole thing is oriented so that survivor rings protrusions sit just behind the contact points of Upper Tiger, to focus the weight I guess.

I am always trying to improve it though.
How well does triple tiger work with Grip attacker's base? I'm wondering since grip attacker is a lot easier to find than uriel 2(wouldn't be if damn Hasbro had released the proper version.
Eh, it's a bit recoily for such a light setup, Triple Wing is likely the best bet for Grip Base.
I'm still not entirely sure I buy into Grip Attacker being much better than Storm Grip - I had both, and I didn't really see fantastic differences between then, honestly.

(Of course now, a decade later and when it matters, I have neither...)
There is a huge difference. Storm Grip is sluggish and inconsistent, Grip Base is much crazier, a lot more like Uriel 2.
Storm Grip also wears down too fast.
If asked to compare Storm Grip and Grip Base to MFB parts, then I'll call them RF and R²F/LRF respectively(on basis of speed).
Also, to support this point, the Overall section of Dragoon Grip Attacker says it all-

BeyWiki Wrote:Dragoon Grip Attacker has one of the best BB’s for Attack in any system so far. This Beyblade, however, is now extremely hard to come by. One could opt for a more financially practical option such as Storm Grip Base (Dragoon S), or SG Metal Flat 2 (Gaia Dragoon V), but both of these bases lack the raw attack power that Grip Base has. This Beyblade is strongly recommended for those with considerable collections, and for those who love attack. Every Blader should own at least one of this Beyblade.

The bolded part.
Final Verdict- Grip Base outdoes Storm Grip.
If you want to be sure, though, look at the tip diameter, that should tell you EVERYTHING. Plus, Grip base is lighter.

Storm Grip's only advantage is that it is lower. Apparently there are "good" tips and "bad" tips, the former being uncommon, but as for mine, well, 10 heavy and an HMC basically kills the movement.
I think Wolborg 4's base is quite good if you have no proper zombie parts like me. It's quite a block and as you stated hard to knock out. Also Dranzer V's base is quite good if you've got no proper attack bases like me as well. A lot better than SG Flat.
It's hard to knock out, but I seem to be OSing it pretty easy now with my defensive zombies, even with wing cross/Tiger Defenser and Wide Defense (on the wolborg 4 one), so it's not really a zombie killer, with the right setup. With Wide Survivor it's too easy to KO. That said, it's a very solid combo.

And yeah, Dranzer V's base is pretty decent. It's too tall, but it's a decent base nonetheless, good tip shape (basically, its attack mode is identical to the MF tip in mfb, for those who don't know it).
Unless I didn't read before, would it be possible to exchange BBs for the Circle Survivor?
Like Final Clutch of Draciel G's base for a release at the end of the battle.
Probably ruin the purpose of it though....but it would be cool to use it for other things.

Just noticed that tons of the nicknames such as ''Zombie killer'' and information comes from
Afraid not, the only other BB it fits on is Rock Bison's, which basically the same wolborg 4's (some minor aesthetic differences). It can fit on Zeus's if you use Rock Bison's EG, but there's no way that's legal, and it doesn't move freely.
Well that sucks.
I guess the LAD isn't as great either as I've heard through the grape vine, or maybe no one has tried it yet.
Either way, it gets Preeeeetty tilted when it falls....
It has good LAD and it beats a lot of things, but it doesn't seem to be as effective against zombies as it is supposed to be.

By the way, does anyone have a list of the parts of Hasbro releases of beys like Gabriel, Appolon, etc? I really think that should be added to the parts list on the wiki, but I can't even work out what is supposed to come with White Gabriel G, and I have the box for it (The Weight disk on the box is Revolver Attack, but despite coming from a proper collector, it didn't come with that, and other images from people of it's parts show it coming with a more regular weight disk (I forget which)).

Honestly, with the CEW's and huge differences, I think it's something really important to have documented, but I don't know where to look.
I can help with Venus\Venusian G. It comes with a 8 Wide and the Dragoon G's BB!
I don't know wich kind of EG is because i've never used it in battle Pinching_eyes_2
There aren't many different EG's, the base determines the clutch sooo.

White Gabriel G comes with a customise left EG (non turbo) + Metal Semi Flat CEW, Dragoon G's base, and 10 heavy (despite showing revolver attack on the box). No idea what to call the SAR or anything.

Is the EG left or right, customise or normal, and what tip? If you have a pic of it, it would help Tongue_out

Oh, are you sure it's an 8-Wide not 10 wide? Confused

I guess the first part will be working out a list of which beys they altered like that.
Think that's semi flat, actually Smile (Though, semi flat is really flat, it's kinda odd).

If it has Dragoon G's base, is it, like White Gabriel, left spin? Confused

I'll put together a list when I get the chance/get my head in order.
[Image: scaled.php?server=683&filename=p9070327.jpg&res=medium]
Looks red so think it's left.
Blizzard orthurus is right, semi flat, and draciel G's BB.
Appolon's is right,semi flat (i think) and dranzer G's BB.
Uriel 2's is thunder pegasus' BB and gyro gear.
*Torch/Flame Pegasus, you mean.

I liek <3
I actually do, unless it is as feeble as Takara's plastics, then FUUU----
Anyways, yah.....
Light sharp on Gyro EG and you win automatically.
Massive LAD,
So, so far:

White Gabriel G (Gabriel)
AR: Twin Horn (Hasbro)
SAR: Wing Base (I assume, will know when I get my normal one)
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: Left Customise Engine Gear
BB: First Clutch Base (Dragoon G Version)
CEW: Metal Semi Flat

Venusian G (Venus)
AR: Mirage Goddess
WD: ?8 Wide?
SG: Left Customise Engine Gear
BB: First Clutch Base (Dragoon G Version)
CEW: Metal Semi Flat

Orthrus G (Blizzard Orthrus)
AR: Double Attacker
WD: ???
SG: Right Customise Engine Gear
BB: Final Clutch Base (Draciel G Ver)
CEW: Metal Semi Flat

Apollon G (Apollon)
AR: Corona Saber
WD: ???
SG: Right Customise Engine Gear
BB: Final Clutch Base (Dranzer G Ver)
CEW: Metal Semi Flat

Metal Driger
AR: Cross Spiker
WD: 10-Heavy
SG: Right Engine Gear (Metal Semi-Flat)
BB: First Clutch Base (Metal Driger Version)

Capricorn Strike G (Uriel 2)
AR: Neo Cross Horn
SG: Gyro Engine Gear
BB: Engine Stopper Base
CEW: (Metal Sharp??)

Okay, are we sure they were all customise EG's, and we still need to work out weight disks, and there are more still, IIRC

Galeon 2
AR: Howling Leo
WD: 10 Wide
SG: Right Engine Gear (Semi-Flat)
BB: Final Clutch Base (Draciel G)