[Plastics] :: Random Thoughts/Parts Discussion Thread

Meh, I will do a vid later, I think. Though I have terrible acne and am all self conscious and don't have a youtube channel. And my dad is being loud and boysterous and stuff so I'll have to wait for him to settle down unless you want rude songs and belching. (Don't even ask).

Pics coming soon, and I'll set up a channel and try to do a video with my cruddy webcam or find a stand for something or other.

The only part that doesn't feel perfectly natural is putting wolborg 2's SG casings into Burning Kerberous' base, which is already legal anyway. The Casings are a totally perfect fit for Uriel 2's tip... Almost like a little easter egg Takara hid for us.
I'd be doing it with my phone lol. This is just epic, i mean the BB is saved lol, I can use it at a tourney !
Keep in mind I still don't know if it's legal.

I can't assemble a bey one handed, ahah. I've taken pictures, gonna try a vid I guess. It'll be on my webcam and therefore terrible, I'd think.

Okay, I've done a video. It's as horrible as I imagined and hardly how I'd like to make my first appearance talking to you (read: talking to myself). It's also like 6-8 minutes long because I can't edit it. And it's totally improv so you'll get to see just how 'hilarious' I am without an edit button and time to think things out. And my zits look terrible. I swear they're not normally so bad.

I'll get onto uploading it, it could take a while because I've never actually used youtube as an uploader before Gasp

Also, I do swear like a proper Australian. You're all grown up enough to handle a couple of four letter words, two or three with an s and one with an f.

Also, being West Australian my upload speed is something like 256kbps or something, so expect it to be a while. And it's currently about 4.2 GIGABYTES so I'm going to need to work out some kinda way to edit/compress it better.

Edit: Oh hey I have windows movie maker. Now I have to learn to use it!
Cool this'll be good, it's not hard, though. If you want ill try re-doing it ?
Nah, it's all good. It's not as terrible as I make it out to be, and the video is solid.
I've shrunk it etc, and it's currently uploading (36% now, 10:59PM GMT+8). It's very simple though, remove the shaft and bearing from wolborg 2's sg, put it back together, put uriel 2's tip in the bottom (you can do this while it's taken apart too but this is easier to explain), and from there it's all like normal.

Edit: 48% at 11:03 PM GMT+8. Once it's up I'll PM Kei, or maybe the whole committee, to check it out.

Honestly, this is basically like removing the tip of dragoon V2, except you then place it somewhere else. If that's legal, tbh, this probably should be too. Other good signs are that previous rulings seem to be based on "it fits real good", which is true in this case, it's like a tailor-made, hand-sewn glove.
Here it is, in all of it's horribly embarrassing glory. I swear I don't normally have acne that bad, ahah. Honestly it's all very simple. Enjoy/Laugh/Don't Laugh/Rage. Oh, and yes I improvised the entire thing on the spot. So it's not great.

How to re-use uriel 2's tip:

As I said, warning, I do swear a few times, I'm Australian, it's a law here Serious

Yeah, 8 minutes 14, I ramble. I'll get around to posting those pics up soon too.

Not particularly high res, but there you go.

Edit: PM'd Kei about this just now so yeah.
I am now mildly concerned that this fix may offend the gods, we must tread carefully, gentlemen, lest we crush underfoot the toes of the Gods of Bey!!!

What brings about this sudden fear of divine wrath?

Well, I must show you the latest blade I have made using this method...
WHAT HAS SCIENCE (and/or th!nk) DONE?
[Image: Uriel112.png]

Yes, that is a Uriel 1 with Uriel 2's tip (and a wolborg 2 sg, which is still kinda related, uriel being wolborg 3 and all that).

That was the only photo I got before a number of angry villagers with pitchforks and torches showed up and burnt it at the stake. :\
tl;dr other stuff: what does this improve? durability? Tongue_out
I edited in a more concise version now that the initial euphoria has passed, but basically:

The part that breaks on uriel 2's base is the base itself, as it's made of weak gold plastic (see hazel's post either here or in random thoughts on gold plastic syndrome). Basically, this lets you use the tip (the part that makes it go mind-bendingly crazyfast) with a blade base that will last more than 3 battles and generally be less likely to explode violently in your face at an critical moment.

Not only does it let you use that speed reliably in tourneys, but it means collectors can use the power of uriel 2 without having their precious and expensive bey violently self-destruct.

Even shorter version: It lets you use the fastest, most violent tip in plastics in a base that doesn't self-destruct violently on use. So it's kinda cool, yeah.

Even if the committee don't legalise it, it's still good for fun play I guess.
I'll enjoy counting the number of days it lasts.

Hopefully a while.
really anything you can make using only official parts and using at least one of every part (bar bitchip) should be legal. If it doesn't fit right then you'll lose by seperation clause anyways.
I hope you're right, Mc Frown. But there's that "is it considered part of the base or the sg" thing, but then as I said, some legal things are a bit odd there too.

On the upside, you're basically always right anyway so I can relax a little.

Dan: If you're a real wuss you could always use a base without SP (i.e. Wolborg 2's), but with the height of the SG, you're always going to want SP really.
gfdgdfgdfg OMG thats amazing, im gonna order a new qolborg 2 for this since i can't find mine XD
As much as Mc Frown is basically always right, it's still not committee approved, ahah.

Dang, that's a shame, that'll be an annoying wait. I did try every other bearing/shaft SG I could find btw, so that means the casings of Wolborg 1, Dranzer S, Driger F (well, they only fit into Full Auto Clutch Base which means the tip won't fit in anyway), and Burning Kerberous won't work. IDK about Bearing stinger but I don't think that'd be legal/possible/worthwhile. (IDK if I missed some but it's the unique aspect of wolborg 2's casings that make it fit right).

See, while the sharp end of that tip can be inserted into any neo-sg, the relatively little friction doesn't hold it there properly. In this case, the perfect fit of wolborg 2's casings hold it tightly/safely.
Uriel 2s' saviour XD
Yeah i might get two considering there usefulness...
Might try draciel F but it looks far to big...
Wolborg 2's SG fits in Draciel F's base, so that would work, but it would suck like a dyson. Seeing as it fits in Uriel 1's base, it would probably fit in Dragoon V's, as well, if for some weird reason you wanted to do that. As for putting the tip in fortress base, no dice, again, it fits a bearing casing, it's too wide for the tip itself.

Random thought that struck me while I was filming that: why did they even make that little metal ring inside SG's a design feature?
It was called a 'Weight Ring'.
It just sorta braces the SG insert against the walls of the SG Normal Ver. (see: worthless).
Not really useful tbh.
Ahh. Basically a little trinket to let them call it a "spin gear", I guess. Cool, thanks.
I think they got the 'gear' from the cog shaped plug that fits in the bottom of the BB.
Good point, that's probably more likely.

As for what you said about Balance being the worst Weight Disk, Star Shape is pretty foul, it lacks balance with basically everything other than rapid/killer eagle, iirc. Then again, balance isn't exactly well balanced itself.
The only Weight Disk I've never owned is Wide Attack.
I want to though ;<
Well, as I think I said earlier, I lack all the attack wd's, and (6) wide. I do want to complete that eventually.

I have a memory of seeing a wide attack in person at some point. Honestly, I'd think it'd be pretty useless competitively, but I get why you want it.

There are less weight discs than any other part (well, except cew's and maybe sar's if you count them), but they really are quite hard to get a hold of.
Yeah really 10 Heavy Wide Survivor Wide Defense Magne WD and 10 Balance are the only ones worth owning.