[Perth, Australia] - POSTPONED - Retaking Perth! (Limited Format)

With the announcement of Limited Format and some renewed activity in the Perth thread, I've decided it's time for me to pick up the gauntlet again and set about reviving our little community.

Here in Perth, we've never been the biggest tournament scene, and much larger, more active communities have fallen in recent times, but what we have – our greatest strength – is our spirit. I was always proud of how tight-knit, yet open and welcoming we were, and I still believe few communities could claim to be better sports. So, Perth bladers, now's our time to shine – let's show the rest of the world the meaning of "Bey-Spirit!"

"But th!nk", you say, "most of us only have old tops – only a few of us have 4D beys, let alone these fancy new ultra-heavy Synchromes I hear about, we won't stand a chance in a tournament!" Well, aside from the fact that would probably be the case for most of your opponents too, this is the beauty of Limited format (which I may or may not have advocated because of concerns you guys raised with me in the past): those super-heavy or extra-strong wheels, as well as big plastic disk tracks and a couple of other things that make a number of older parts non-viable, are banned! The format focuses on pre-maximum series metal wheels (as well as more recent ones of similar weight) – you know, the period around which we had our first tournament – so odds are if you've played MFB in Perth in the past, you'll be good to go for this tournament too, in fact, seeing as Basalt isn't around, things should be even more equal! For more information, here's the Official Limited Format Banlist, check it out for yourself.

So, dust off your Earths, Lightnings, and Meteos (or maybe buy some brand new shiny Zero-G) – we're taking this city back!


Format: Limited Format (BB-10), Straight Round Robin (or Block Round Robin if we get at least 12 people). If this goes successfully, we'll look at doing Standard Format in future as well, as long as there's enough interest.

Date/Time: Sunday March 2nd, 2014 (if this is a major issue for people I can change it, but this looks like it'll work).
We'll probably start at midday, but the time is flexible - I might arrive early to give people time to familiarize themselves with stuff etc, maybe train up a new judge if I only need to get one person trained up.

Venue: To Be Determined. If you know a nice park relatively midway between Rockingham and Thornlie with nearby public transport, please let me know. We're moving from King's Park as most of the userbase here is now south of the river and we have a few people coming from Rockingham (and King's Park is also a pain for me to get to).

Entry Fee: $5 USD (~$5.80 AUD), Blader Passports are $10USD (~$11.55 AUD) and provide free entry to any WBO tournament for 12 months as well as entry into occasional Passport Holder-Exclusive Giveaways on-site. Entry fees go towards the WBO's operating costs, competitions, and to tournament prizes (most of our entry fees will be going towards the prizes for this tournament.)
For more details, read this. (Click to View)

Entry Requirements: Players need to be registered members of the WBO – I would appreciate if everyone registered before the event so handing in the results etc is as fast and easy as possible.

Other than that, the WBO has no age restrictions – if your parents want to play they're absolutely welcome to do so (there's a basic limit on how strong a launcher can launch, so they wouldn't have the advantage they'd expect Tongue_out). Anyone who needs additional supervision (be they too young/prone to wandering off or have relevant medical concerns), should be accompanied by a responsible older sibling or guardian etc – I will do everything I can to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants but I will not be held liable if anything happens.

Lastly, I would really like to know for sure by 6:00 PM the day before the event who will and won't be there. If your parents won't give you a straight answer, please tell them it's extremely important to the person organizing it so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.
If you absolutely will not know for sure until the day of the event, then please tell me well in advance, that way I can probably print off relevant result entry sheets and so on for every possible situation.

Finally, please make sure you have read and understood both Rulebooks as well as checking the most recent Official Limited Format Ban List – all parts, launchers and other accessories must be within the rules – most importantly, official Beyblade products.

Prizes: We will have actual physical prizes this time, which is where most of the entry fees will go, courtesy of the World Beyblade Organization. The following are what I intend to have, however if something isn't available or goes up in price, this may change.

1st Place: BB-96 Beyblade Super Deck Set (Takara)
2nd Place: Thief Phoenic E230GCF (SonoKong)
3rd Place: Phantom Orion B: D (Takara)

I'll order them once we work out a date on which eight of us can definitely make it (with enough time for a new BB-10 and hopefully the prizes to arrive), though unless we get ten a small amount will come out of my own pocket. I've tried to select things which have parts useful in both Standard and Limited, so hopefully people will be happy with this.

As some of you may recall, I have a personal policy of not accepting prizes if I win one at events I host. This time, I've decided that if I do place (and I very much intend to), I'll give whatever I win to an attendee of my choosing – I'll be keeping an eye out for examples of Blader Spirit and good sportsmanship, but in the event this happens, please respect my decision (if it's too hard to decide I'll put names in a hat or something I guess).

Relevant Links:
Rulebooks and Event Guide (Read Them!)
MFB: Limited Discussion Forum (Limited Format Primer, Public Banlist Discussion)
Official Limited Format Banlist Discussion (Advanced Forum)

Other Relevant Information:
We'll likely be playing through lunch time, and I won't be cooking, so please bring something to eat and plenty of water – it is Summer, too, so make sure you wear sunscreen and a hat! I'll try to bring extra sunscreen with me but don't rely on it.

If you have any major food allergies, I'm happy to ask people to not bring food containing whatever the allergen is – just PM me with details (obviously, I'll keep your name private unless you specifically ask me not to do so).

If you have a large rug that can be laid down on grass to protect our tops, PLEASE bring it along. I'll try to bring a couple myself but the more area we cover the less chance we have of losing anything or of anything getting damaged.

If you are going to need to borrow a particular part on the day, I may be able to lend out parts but it needs to be organised well in advance of the tournament so I can keep track of everything (as I likely won't be bringing my full collection), and I'd also have to ask you to be very careful with my parts – only use them in stadiums and make sure they don't bounce onto hard surfaces etc.

I will have some extra Light Launcher 2's for people to use, they have a bit of a kick so if people want I can get there early so you can get a little practice. I've gone through my pile of them and checked for skipping and oiled up all the good ones, so while they take a little more arm strength, they can launch just as hard as a string launcher. I will also hopefully have a spare left spin string launcher in addition to the one I'm using, (as all my left spinning ripcord launchers skip), though I would suggest investing in a good launcher of your own as I have a tendency to break string launchers.

If you have a BB-10 you can bring, please let me know ASAP (as well as how easy it will be for you to get to this and future tournaments – I will be able to get one either way, but it is relevant to whether I can get one through the WBO or whether I don't need one urgently and can wait til a more convenient time to buy one myself.) Also if you have any friends who have a good-condition BB-10 and don't use it any more and would be willing to sell it to me for a good price, please let them know I'm after one for tournaments, as organising these things is a lot simpler if I actually have a tournament-legal stadium.

Confirmed Attendees: (5)
th!nk (host/judge)
r0ckbull (judge)
th!nk's sister if needed to make 8.

Possible Attendees:
Fggdyg (able to Judge, has a BB-10 if he is able to come, but won't know availability til just before the tournament)
dvd177 (likely)
dvd177's friend(s)???

"Publicity Materials"
Sig Banner:
By the way guys, made a little sig banner for the tournament, for those interested. It's 100px high so you can have that plus whatever else equal to its height before your sig is too big for the rules. Extra code on top of the image is to center it and have it take you to this thread when clicked.


I'm using it in my own signature, if you wanted to see how it looks. Fairly basic but it does the job. I'll upload a final one when we confirm a location.
Sounds cool! As he said ANYONE'S WELCOME! My 7 year old bro (EpicLDrago) is probably going to ATTEND!
Yep, I'll be sending out emails and PM's later tonight to bug people. We need to get a full Eight people confirmed ASAP so I need people to check out whether they can come right away if at all possible so I know it's safe to order prizes and so there's enough time for them to get here.

If anyone knows anyone who used to be into it or might still be into it, PLEASE get them to read this - even if you're not still into beyblade, remember that every attendee is helping a lot of people attend their first tournament, and how much that means to them.
This is cool. I hope you guys do get something going. I love those prizes th!nk. I'll have to come over, haha.

I love your banner th!nk! Smile
I should be fine for that date. Give me 1 to 2 weeks and I should be able to say exactly whether or not I can attend. Its just that my dads working times can be rather 'unpredictable' at times.
That's fine, that still provides plenty of time to reschedule etc etc.

@L: Yeah, I have to give a big shoutout to the committee for how much they let hosts spend on prizes, completely blew away my expectations (I mean, it helps that BB-96's are so cheap right now but still), most of our entry fees are going there and I really hope that will get some of the old Perth people to pick up their tops again.

As for the banner, thanks, I'm glad it turned out okay! I think there are a couple of parts I could've done better (decided it wasn't worth the delay on putting up this thread) but yeah, considering I've next to no experience (the little I do have was much simpler), I'm pretty happy - even if the inspiration for it that hit me one morning resulted in a pretty blatant ripoff of Kei's style (though, I really like his tournament banners/graphics so I guess "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" applies). Had help from Kai-V with the Pegasis part, big thanks to her for that.
Haha, that's really awesome th!nk! Kei does great banners, but it looks like you (with help from someone) done a great job to.

When I get on my computur, I'll be sure to add this to my signature.

I'm guessing you're happy 'cause it's Limited? haha.
Thanks man!

Well, part of the reason I was a big supporter of Limited in the first place is because various Perth members raised concerns when I tried to get something together for BeyDays that they only had older, outclassed parts, and given hasbro stopped releasing new beys here basically at the end of Metal Masters it's probably going to be a much fairer format for us, and thus one more people are likely to attend - and for those who can buy stuff online, making it so they can attend another type of tournament where they don't have to, then decide if they want to buy new stuff, should be helpful for getting an actual "scene" going here (plus, I really want to catch up with all my ol' Perth bros!)

But yeah, I am also personally pumped because Limited is probably the most fun of any format IMO, though I'm generally not a very competitive person (the chance to give away a BB-96 to someone who doesn't have much part access but still shows a lot of spirit is pretty good motivation for me, though Tongue_out)
Wow, Habro doesn't do Beyblades over there anymore! Yeah, Limited is way better: I love the whole concept! It's just awesome!

That's very kindhearted of you th!nk. Though, you are gonna try place aren't you? But I guess back out blading and meeting your old friends is better then placing, haha.
Well, I can't give the first prize to someone of my choosing without winning it now, can I? Tongue_out Plus, it'd be disrespectful not to do my best (and I've got a reputation to live up to).

By the way guys, made a little sig banner for the tournament, for those interested. It's 100px high so you can have that plus whatever else equal to its height before your sig is too big for the rules. Extra code on top of the image is to center it and have it take you to this thread when clicked.


I'm using it in my own signature, if you wanted to see how it looks. Fairly basic but it does the job. Will probably update both it and the banner image once we settle a date, which will of course mean anyone using it would want to change over to the new one whenever that happens but that's the best I can do with the resources I have.

This is boss! I think the "Revival" thing is starting a trend.

First Raleigh, then the Great Lakes, and now Perth! I wish you guys the best of luck. Hope all goes well!

Goodness knows it would be great to have at least part of Australia active again.
It doesnt hurt to say if you want to come you know...
He lives in North Carolina, I doubt he'll be able to go, haha.
(Jan. 28, 2014  1:54 AM)"Kira Wrote: He lives in North Carolina, I doubt he'll be able to go, haha.

I know that much I was stating that for everyone who may of seen the thread but may of been unsure.
It's cool man, I sent like 40 PM's and ten emails last night so hopefully some of them will hit the mark, but it's not even been evening since they went out so only a couple of people have read them, and tournaments are always a little slow like this out here.

I am still quite comfortable in our chances of at least making eight people, so don't worry too much. Get any interested friends to sign up/check it out, and if we're still short of the eight I'll see what I can do.
Yeah I should be able to get atleast one of my friends to sign up and attend. When I first told him about this tourney (about 2 weeks ago) he was very interested its just he hasnt had access to the internet in the last week or so but I'm sure he will join soon.
Good to hear. Just sent off a couple more PM's to people I'd missed yesterday. Really hoping some people from back then can show up (especially Divine-Touch, he's retired but he's still the top ranked blader in Perth as far as I know (ahead of me by like two points) and we owe each other a rematch, because for MFB we're currently one apiece against each other.)
Plus, I want to get eight people confirmed or at least very likely ASAP so I can get a stadium and the prizes here in time.

I was thinking of having the tournament at the Tom Bateman Sporting Complex Reserve in Thornlie, which is relatively close to me and a nice place, but that might actually be harder to get to than Kings Park for most people, so I dunno. If attendees can PM me the suburb they live in, I'll try to work out something that works for all of us - Kings Park is quite a trip for most of us south of the river, and BladerDanger is down in Rockingham alongside two other likely attendees so I'm inclined to find something a bit further south (also if anyone knows any good public parks south of the river, please let me know), so if that's a problem for people then they need to let me know ASAP.
Yeah I have no idea where anyone else is. But I'll have to check out Tom Bateman Sporting Complex Reserve it sounds like a good place and if it's even a bit closer to me than Kings Park I'm happy but as I said even if it's in Perth I will still try my best to get there. Wow over 40 PM's that's a lot of people so hope some people reply and we should get AT LEAST 8.
Okay, so unless it ends up being a major problem for someone, I'm going to go ahead and set the 2nd of March in stone as the date. Still working out the location, waiting to see if we can get a couple more responses so I know at least eight people will be able to make it to a particular location before I settle that.

I've updated the thread banner and the sig - code for the new one is in the first post at the bottom.
Hung out with r0ckbull today, and he is confirmed, which means I need to check with my own two extras but I think we have eight attendees!

As such, prizes have been ordered! - came to slightly more than anticipated because I decided to get a phantom orion starter rather than just the bey itself so I'd *like* to get ten people but I can manage it if we don't. Tongue_out

However, I do want to shift the tournament to being a week later (March 9th) just to give things time to arrive (particularly the stadium), but I'll be in contact with everyone about that tomorrow - I have been blading pretty hard and need some rest for tonight. Super pumped though - also if we only have a small attendance and the tourney is really short, I'll probably hang around for some free play and stuff afterwards because honestly I actually prefer goofing around with random combos to competitive play anyhow Tongue_out

Either way though, PERTH LIVES!!!
We've had one cancellation and one of my extras can't make it, so we're back down to 6 people. If anyone has a friend who might want to come along, please ask them ASAP. I can lend them some decent beys if need be, so please do check with your friends etc.

Either way, I've updated the OP with the confirmations we have so far, and I'm also going to keep the tournament on the 2nd - I'm quite certain everything will get here on time, and it was the date I originally had planned so it may have been in PM's or emails I sent out, I forget. That and I thought it might help someone be available but as it turns out, no dice either way.

I've also ordered a new stadium, a little more expensive than planned but the stress it saves me is worth it at this point (knowing it'll get here on time etc is a big relief) and it should still work out within the budget my parents gave me for it. So yeah, everything is on it's way, we just need another two people, and for me to work out where we're going to hold this thing, which I'll get onto this evening (though I can't say the fires out that way are providing much certainty as to whether or not parks will be usable, and I hope all of you are safe and okay).

I might also lend people I'm not already lending to a single combo of their choice from my spare parts (perhaps more than one, depending how much I'm lending), to make things more competitive/fair (while also being easy to keep track of and so on), but I'll sort the details of that out once I've worked out what I'll be using, what I'll be lending my sister to use, and any other lends needed etc.
I'll update the opening post and the images with it tomorrow, but the location will be the Supreme Court Gardens in Perth. It's near the Esplanade Busport so it's pretty easy to get to via public transport. I'll get a google maps link and details about where to meet up sorted tomorrow.

However, we're still short 2-3 people - I've not heard back from dvd177 for a while so I'm not sure whether or not he's going to make it.

Please, ask your friends, family, whoever you can to see if they would compete, I have plenty of decent spare stuff I can lend, I really want to get this thing confirmed as soon as possible so I can relax a bit haha.
Well, I was kinda hoping to hear back from more people before doing this but I've decided that given we don't look like we'll get the eight people we need I'm going to postpone the tournament until a more convenient date when some people who couldn't make it on the 2nd might be available (I doubt Waicon being on this weekend helped matters, haha). I'll be in touch to work it all out relatively soon.

This also means you've all got a bit longer for anything new you need for the tournament to arrive, though I probably won't push it back more than a few weeks unless that's really necessary so probably not enough to have new stuff arrive if ordered today.

Don't take this as a cancellation, just a postponement - we will retake Perth, we've just encountered a little more resistance than expected.

I also intend to have us do BeyDays this year (May 24 or 25) so I want everyone to keep the 24th of May free (though I still need to check my own calendar and if saturdays are a problem for anyone let me know and we can do Sunday instead.)
Lets hope we can get some more people D: