Pegasus Thunder Whip Stadium.

Two overalls?
Otherwise great.
(Jan. 07, 2013  9:56 PM)Kai-V Wrote: This article is now up!

Wombat, I personally do not notice such a huge difference. Are you certain about those measurements ? Are you counting both with the slight denivelation right below the actual cliff ?

If you are assuming that the difference in measurements was caused by the BB-10's steeper slope, then yes, I did. None of my rulers actually begin at the end of the ruler, so I used string to measure instead. The height was somewhere in between 0.2 and 0.3 cm, but closer to 0.2. Given that the PTW is more shallow, that probably brings the BB-10 down by a few hundredths.
(Jan. 05, 2013  4:52 PM)Wombat Wrote: This is probably incorrect, since I am a minor member, but I measured the Tornado Ridge.
BB-10: 0.4cm
PTW: 0.2cm
Yeah, the Tornado ridge is about half as tall as the BB-10's.

OK, I seriously get completely contrary results here, hah. Four milimetres for the Pegasus Thunder Whip stadium's Tornado Ridge, and approximately two milimetres for the Attack Type BeyStadium's ... I have no idea what could be wrong here.
I only see one minor mistake in the test conditions, otherwise the article looks superb!

Quote:Attack type always short first

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