PUBG Challenges

I was thinking about playing PUBG and decided to post a lot of challenges I made ever since last month....

Military Challenge: (MUST be Engreal) Everyone has a role, but one person must become the commander/general. The characters are General/commander (he/she equips any gun), Sniper (he/she equips snipers and one pistol of his/her choosing), Medic (Equips one shotgun of their choosing and carries all meds/boosts), and Tank (must have one lvl 2 armor piece and a gun with a slow fire rate or single fire rate). You win the challenge by each member killing at least 3 people or the general gets 5 kills in the millitary base

Western challenge: (MUST be the desert) There's one sheriff and three or one outlaw. Sheriff gets the Winchester, akm and any pistol of their coshing. The outlaws have the Thompson SMG and the rest of the weapons are of their choosing. You win the challenge by winning the game or having the sheriff as the last one standing and having at least 3 kills.

GTA 5 challenge: three characters: Franklin (carries either an uzi or skorpion, also gets an akm, m16a4 or any shotgun or sniper of their choice) Trevor (has any pistol of their choice and any AR or their choice) Micheal (carriesany pistol and any AR) you have to land somewhere popular/urban. Win the challenge by clearing out an urban or popular area of people

John Wick challenge: Pistols only. If you get another gun, you must discard it, but carry the ammo. Do this for three guns. Whichever one has the most ammo once you get to a 4th gun, you must use it and your pistol ONLY

Gun type challenge: (Idea taken from Standoff 2) Kill someone with a pistol, then an AR, then an SMG, then a sniper (Marksman Rifles count)... if you melee kill (downed AND finished) you win the challenge. If you kill with a pistol, then an AR, then an SMG, then a sniper (MRs count), you win the challenge. If you have difficulty finding any gun, then you must keep using your current gun type until you find one.

Beyblade challenge. Chose a bey... however many blades he bey has, you must kill enemies with that amount of different guns (single layer and xeno xcalius excluded, all the oher Xcalius'... Xcaliuses... Xcalei? must count as 4 because there's the sword, 2 hilts, and the handle. All variants of Spryzen are excluded. Forneus is excluded... your welcome. Hercules is counted as 4 blades because of the 2 sub-blades in between the bows. Arc Balkesh is counted as 5 dispite his hidden sheild and Nemisis is counted as 4 because of his god ability..... any other bey is fair game)

(If this makes it more clear, the role of the Re's is done. If there is still question about the rules, please ask)

Re Western challenge: Outlaws have a Thompson SMG and any gun of their choosing without a the use of a pistol. win the challenge by being the last squad/duo alive OR the sheriff is the last alive and must have 3 kills

Re GTA 5 challenge: Franklin has an uzi or a skorpion pistol/SMG. He also carries an akm, m16a4, or a shotgun of his choosing OR a sniper of his chosing. Trevor MUST get a pistol. He can have any TWO ARs OR ONE gun of their choice. Michal must get a pistol and has any ONE AR of his choice.

Re John Kick challenge: you MUST have a pistol. Any gun you find, you must discard and keep the ammo. you do this for the next 3 guns and on the 4th you find, you equip that gun with the ammo you have (you may discard any unneeded ammo)

(If this makes it more clear, the role of the Re's is done. If there is still question about the rules, please ask)