[PLA] Hasbro Twin Horn Discussion

White Gabriel G: Hasbro Twin Horn Discussion

th!nk said the part was good, so I got it, ha.

Equipment Used:
Tornado Attack
EZ Grips
Spring Supports
Rubber Grip
PART 1: VS War Lion + Dragon Saucer (Defensive Zombie)

Hasbro Twin Horn (HTW)-
War Lion (WL)-
Comparing these. Which is better for Defensive Zombie; WarSaucer or TwinSaucer?

The Opponents:
Dragon Saucer Screw Zeus (DSSZ)-
Driger V2 (DRV2)-
Circle Survivor (CS)-

Hasbro Twin Horn VS DSSZ (Taken from SZ Ban thread.)
HTW Win: 79%
War Lion VS DSSZ
WL Win: 53%
Launched Attack first in these. For the rest I alternated.
Yeah, I think this was the last hoorah for my Uriel 2 tip. War Lion doesn't hold Dragon Saucer too smoothly. Pretty sure that's why it's getting ties instead. Yeah, basically, either AR will endure anything this hyper-aggro attack combo can do. The ties made the % (factored them out) and I gotta say you can see how much better HTW is here for sure.

War Lion VS Driger V2
WL Win: 37%
Hasbro Twin Horn VS Driger V2
HTW Win: 73%
Yeah, Twin Horn out-performed War Lion here, but both struggled on Driger V2 for some reason. Maybe if I had used Wide Survivor; or maybe it would've been a better match for the Takara Twin Horn. But this wasn't a great choice against Driger V2.

War Lion VS Circle Survivor
WL Win: 57%
Hasbro Twin Horn VS Circle Survivor
HTW Win: 100%
For a rubber tip, these did pretty well. War Lion performed just as I had expected. Especially since it was WB2 shaft, I didn't expect many wins but..HTW. Everytime, HTW won barely. But it's insane how it won every time, (except for ties) even though I alternated launches. That endurance increase really shows when it's up against Circle Survivor.

And look at this.
(Apr. 23, 2013  12:43 PM)Justaway Wrote: The winning combos of the events held in Mumbai last week:

Beyblade Spirit: Reincarnation (Plastics)
1st: BladingSpirirt5 -
AR: Twin Horn
SAR: Dragon Saucer
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Left SG casings (Double Bearing Version, with Wolborg 2's shaft and Burning Kerberous' casings)
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Grip Base

BS5's combo dominated the whole event. No one was able to KO and it OSed everything. The combo Janstarblast used also dominated the whole event and was only defeated by BS5's combo.

More to come.

I love this part
Sweet, thanks for the tests. Just got a great deal on a White Gabriel G too. Glad you posted this thread after the auction ended. Hahaha. Even more pumped to get this now!
Part 2: Defensive Zombie VS Upper Attack (War Lion VS H Twin Horn)

Equipment same as before. Ties are nulled from Win %.

Hasbro Twin Horn (HTW)-
War Lion (WL)-

Upper Dragoon (UD)-
Left Triangle Wing (LT)-

War Lion VS Upper Dragoon
War Lion Win: 28%
Hasbro Twin Horn VS Upper Dragoon
HTW Win: 56%
Yeah, HTW still outperforms WarSaucer VS UD. Doesn't matter much, though. It's still pretty awful against UD. Not a great match-up.

War Lion VS Left Triangle Wing
WL Win: 38%
Hasbro Twin Horn VS Left Triangle Wing
HTW Win: 84%
Looks like even against Lefty-Upper Attack, HTW appears to do better, despite it not being able to steal spin. Good job! DJ 2002 - Yeah!

Although I'll be interested to see how HTW fares in Endurance against it's Japanese brother.
Expect comparisons to Takara's Twin Horn sometime after Xmas.
Part 3: Defensive Zombie VS Hyper Aggresive Smash Attack (War Lion VS H Twin Horn) - BB-10

I know that you've used a hyper aggresive combo in your tests as well, but I've wanted to test out Double Attacker, so I thought it might be interesting to post it. Hope it's okay that I use your layout to post the results Wink

Equipment Used:
BB-10 Attack Type Stadium
Customize Grips & EZ Launchers

Hasbro Twin Horn ('Zombie')

War Lion ('War Zombie')

Hyper Aggresive Smash Attack

Smash Attack vs. Hasbro Twin Horn ('Zombie')
HTW always launched first.
Detail Results (Click to View)
Smash: 8 (0 OS, 8 KO)
Zombie: 12 (8 OS, 4 KO)
Twin Horn Win %: 60.0%

Smash Attack vs. War Lion ('War Zombie')
War Zombie always launched first.
Detail Results (Click to View)
Smash: 7 (0 OS, 7 KO)
War Zombie: 13 (6 OS, 7 KO)
War Lion Win %: 65.0%

Yeah, in the end the results are pretty much the same. As I've watched the battles I've had the feeling that Twin Horn was more likely to get hit harder by Double Attacker because of its wider diameter, but all in all the results are so close that I guess my observation and the 5% (which is actually just one win) difference is just a coincidence.
As for Dragon Saucer against Driger V2 I remember th!nk said it had trouble against it.