Organizer’s Quiz

(Jul. 08, 2018  3:58 PM)Suhasini Wrote: @[~Mana~], I am sorry for tagging you, but you are the only one I think that can tell us what exactly is going on and can answer leosama's question? Because I am pretty sure you would have kept an eye on this for a while.

I'm not too sure what you actually want to know here, haha.

We have two contributors assigned to quizzes anyway, and this situation with Leosama is an unfortunate case where his quiz slipped under the radar and wasn't addressed until we were prompted later. It's not a regular occurrence at all, and it really is just unfortunate that that happened. The fact that it has continued since then is regrettable, but is also the result of people being busy and an element of uncertainty as we prepared to transition over to a new set of quiz questions and refine the system.

In it's current state, the Organiser's Quiz requires manual checking from the contributors involved (outside of Forum Subscription notifications, which are optional). There's a lot of quizzes that come in on a regular basis and, admittedly, there are some that we skim over and don't reply to for a variety of reasons, be it that they're too far from meeting the requirements, the user clearly hasn't read the necessary documentation or the general fact that this user has taken the quiz for fun and nothing more.

We also have zero degree of automation in this system, and we'd also prefer to keep it this way. The Organiser's Quiz is generally a personal thing, and there's no way that an automated system can tell if someone is suitable or not as it wouldn't really talk to them at all. By engaging with the potential organiser, we get a sense of who they are, their attitude towards Beyblade and organizing, their physical limitations for hosting. There's even questions in the quiz that there isn't any real answer to either; we're basically testing your response to gauge more about you, haha. Automated systems also face the issue of answers becoming copy/paste, which is far from what we ever want. We'd prefer to have contact with our potential organisers directly instead.

We're also definitely not enforcing any "you must check thing X times per day" either. The WBO in it's entirety is a volunteer job and is done in the spare time of those who are willing to help. It's a staple rule that IRL stuff should always come first, and that tasks and jobs can be postponed or reallocated to when things are clearer. We don't want to stress any of our volunteers (including ourselves, as the Committee are basically volunteers too!), and we owe them a lot for the time they put in for us as well. This is basically more work after all; by the time you've done your schoolwork or actual job, administrative tasks for the WBO are like a second job anyway, albeit normally slightly more fun, haha.

As briefly stated before, we have a few system refinements that we're hoping to roll out soon as well to help our contributors grade the quizzes. Stuff like highlighting quizzes that have been hanging around too long, showing test dates front and center and streamlining the ability to quote specific parts of a quiz. There's plenty we can do to help out here, but it's all still in preparation stages.

But from Leosama's situation here, I can definitely confirm that we're trying to push ahead with more of this stuff and make some amends in the areas we're lacking. And we apologise again for this incident happening at all!
Yup, so important that people remember that it's volunteer work, and even then, there's just a better way to treat people. And mistakes happen, nobody's perfect. Not surprisingly, the people involved know the situation so much better and are already working on it. It's easy for people to build up their own image of what's going on and think they "know" how to fix it--but then actually be off.

I get not automating things as well, I like the route the quiz has gone, as I understand it now. Personally, I like saving text snippets for later if I find myself repeating something 3+ times, so that I have a "base form" to use so I don't have to sit and rewrite it from scratch. But to each their own with that, as with any advice.

And yeah, totally understandable not taking submissions that aren't serious seriously. I don't think anyone would blame you there.