[Oregon USA] *Insert Beyblade Pun here* Tournament!

Nano Retired
So, it's time for another tournament!

When: Saturday, November 26th from 2:00- Whenever (please show a little before 2:00, because that's when we are starting.)
Where: Rivals Fantasy Games.
315 E. Main Street Suite B, Hillsboro, OR 97123
Cost: $5
If you can, please bring prizes. You'll get reimbursed after the tournament!

Got a name suggestion, then please post it please! I don't think I can get the tournament approved with that name at the moment...

Please post Smile

Confirmed People:
ritersofly, kev1 and a few more people
Potato42, Slayer42, and a couple of their friends

Also, if you have a Facebook, then please join this group.
Nano Retired
Sooo..... Nobody in Oregon?
Hey I can drive down to Oregon to battle and for vacation too. Pm me if you want to just battle if we get people we could make a tourney
Nano Retired
Wait. If you live around here then why does your local time say it's past 6 am??

I'm holding a tournament at the end of this month. However it's a non WBO tournament. PM for details.
Because I don't live around Oregon I live in Seattle but I have mid winter break so my parents can take me. Oh and please pm me the details and are there going to be alot of people?
Vulcan Blaze Retired
I could come t Oregon.... over summer.
Nano Retired
(Mar. 12, 2011  6:18 PM)masamuneunicorn Wrote: I could come t Oregon.... over summer.

Where do you live?
kanato dolsrin Retired
hahaha, why do i feel like the only person in washington? i drive down all the time to buy work suppiles in OR, depending on how far you are in OR, i wouldnt mind driving down to stop for a battle...honestly i would like to find people close but not really going to happen.........for some reason i can actually say i liked it better when i was in CA XD

looking on a map............im not at all that far from you i live just above portland just jump the state bridge and your basicly in my ariea LOL.
Nano Retired
Do you go to the Vancouver market? If so we could meet up there. Or if you want you can come to Hillsboro for a few battles. I'll make sure my friend brings his Beys too.
kanato dolsrin Retired
i can do any way you want, i could drive down there or drive down there LOL. we could meet in the market or we could meet up in hillsboro.

but vancouver kind of sounds awsome.......
orz... I live so close, yet so far away DX Oregan would be kind of a streatch for me since I live in like Northern Washington (Lake Stevens). Maybe I could come and try and meet up with you in the future though :3 after I get a car x_x

also, Kanato, just out of curiosity, where in washington do you live? Maybe we could get together sometime XD
kanato dolsrin Retired
that was great fun NANO we got to do that again. hopeuflly maybe we can find some more peoples to drag along!
Nano Retired
Come on people! Bey Day is almost here! We must have a tournament soon. I can gather a few people up. I already have a stadium. WE CAN DO IT!!!
Deikailo Retired
Nano, take your stadium, beyblades, and one other blader and start Beyblading at a store where they do yu-gi-oh tournaments and tell everyone about the WBO. *Or* go to toys r us, ask the manager if you can play somewhere to promote their product, and then advertise the WBO in the process.

As soon as you say "world ranking" or some other competitive BS they should be all for it.
Nano Retired
Sounds good. I know a card shop I can do tournaments at for free. I might be able to go to TRU and do that.

Kids are suckers for world rankings
Deikailo Retired
Ages 9-14: Coax the parents to bring their kids to tournaments. Explain how Beyblade promotes socialization, sharing and a fun hands on learning experience for their children instead of video games and trading cards. Tournaments are a great way to make new friends and express themselves. Go into how they should sign up onto the WBO (you'll have to tell them how a forum works) and explore our community to see what kind of people we are.

For example, Killerspinner is a 9 year old (I think) from New Jersey, but his father accesses the WBO under that name to learn where to order the product, where Beybladers are meeting, and trade information about customization to help his kid out.

Ages 15-17: Tell them about the world ranking. Talk about how once you're good enough, you become like a celebrity in the Beyblade world. Use Kei or Bluezee as an example. Once you get them hooked, tell them to look at the world ranking for themselves on the WBO.

Ages 18+: Remind them about how cool Beyblade was and now tell them it's better than it used to be. That age group should remember the original series. Get into the mechanics of tracks and bottoms and how it makes more sense than it used to. Tell them to stop by a tournament and check it out. Give them the website and tell them about all the cool people on here that are into other things other than Beyblade, too. Kids 18 and older will prefer to take this game with a grain of salt initially and wade in before being all for it like I am.

In each scenario, you're suggesting the website in a different light. The biggest selling point for a younger crowd is the parents. My mom actually went with me to Texas for a Hasbro tournament 7 years ago for having good grades. I was getting made fun of at school, but she saw that Beyblade gave me confidence so she wanted to keep the smile on my face through rough times. I'm glad she did, too. That's the sort of thing parents will want for their kids.
Nano Retired
Thanks for the help Deikailo! I'll try to do the TRU idea, or do it at Target. When I see kids buying Beyblades I'll mention the WBO to them.
Deikailo Retired
No, just start playing Beyblade with one other person. That way they see it. Let them try it out, too.
Nano Retired
Grab a MXS off the shelf and battle. Hah. sounds fun. Of course we'll pay for it afterwards...

Possible use high recoil combos to make it more appealing to the kids.
Deikailo Retired
If you do it in TRU, they might just give you a stadium to battle in for selling their product.
i'm in seattle and would love to get in on this.
Nano Retired
OK! Are you able to come down? I know it's a long drive, but don't you have your licence yet? That'll make it easier to come down.

My friend just got BB-10. Now all we need is people to come! I know of three people so far including myself. However, my friend and his brother aren't allowed to make accounts.

Konata Dolsrin
Nano (that's me ^^)
Deikailo Retired
Why aren't they allowed?
Nano Retired
Because their parents won't let them Angry

I'll ask Kai-V if I can make them two accounts just to let them join. However, I'll be the only one to access them.
Deikailo Retired
You can at the tournament. That's perfectly acceptable.