Not a very common question

So I'm new to Beyblade and I was wondering if it would be worth getting one even tho I wouldn't have anyone to play it with, like where I live there isn't any thing going on and no1 else will have one, I really like Beyblade but I'm wondering if it would be worth buying one if I'm going to be alone
I am not certain if Beyblade Burst will never ever reach South Africa, but for yourself, it definitely helps understand the mechanisms of this game even if you play alone, and it also helps not quit the game entirely out of disinterest. I think you have to ask yourself what it is that you like about Beyblade exactly, which aspects of it, and whether you would like to stay interested in Beyblade for a long time still.
Will I be able to use my Beyblade while alone? What I like about it is that it has so many parts to it, it's not just one solid piece but it has many components, but once I have it would it be enjoyable to spin it alone? With no1 to battle with me?
Yes, it's enjoyable. Most of the battle videos that people do on YouTube are done by themselves. I often play alone, and as lonely as that sounds, it's a lot of fun.

There's no way of writing that without sounding weird
But I'm only going to have one, maybe in a few months time I'll get another one, and btw is eBay safe?
I think that if you only have one Beyblade, you will get bored by it. You'd want to have at least two + a stadium so you can battle.

There are some fakes on eBay, but there are also many legitimate sellers. Just ask here before buying.
I went through practically all of MFB playing alone but buying only one is pointless as they're designed for combat.
This is like the same case I had XD. But it's true, having 1 bey gets boring very quickly but having 2 of them battle is much more enjoyable. Powerpiggies is very reliable on ebay but his beys are a more expensive. If you use your 30 day free trial for Amazon Prime it's very worth it, each booster is about $13-$13.50 and the DX starter set is about $25. So if you can use Amazon then it's very worth it.