[Northern California] Bay Area Bladers

Idk when we’ll be having another tournament...
I’ve been thinking about becoming an organizer,
Since the only organizers we have in the Bay Area are
Zyeyo & Mage. (As far as I know)
But idk if I’m ready .... it looks like a stressful job...
I might just become one so I can help organize Zyeyo or Mage...
This month has been pretty busy for me as I have boughten a new vehicle for transportation next month might be an option but we're starting to get into the rainy season so unless we have a indoor shelter like a card shop that has enough room to compensate for is 30 + people that we get for a tournament it's going to be hard to schedule an event on my side first Stockton lies I have been thinking of University of Pacific as it's usually safer compared to the other parks in Stockton but the challenges is to find someone there that will allow me to host an event
It’s now 2020. I’m writing for a young blader who is hoping to find a tournament in Oakland or nearby.
Do you all meet up?
Hey, looking for beyblading groups for my kids. They love beyblades and was hoping to connect them with other people who are interested. We leave in the Oakland area.
Ooo same here! Now I don’t live in the Bay Area, (I’m 170miles north)but I do werk there, we don’t have that many organizers unfortunately, but we do have an occasional tournament here and there... one of our main organizers I believe is taking a lil break, or is super busy, so we may not see anything this month or next month, but I’m certainly certain that when this putrid weather passes on, we may see some action! I suggest subscribing to this thread, so you’ll be instantly updated whenever an update comes.

Another thing I’ve been thinking is that I may become an organizer as well, but as of now I’m not that ready yet. But we’ll update this thread as soon as something comes up!