(North Carolina) Lightstrike Libras!

I am starting. A local beyblade team. Based out of Winston Salem, NC.  It is also available to both NC and SC . Soon to be international.  the team Light Strike Libra's will have its first meeting held in Winston Salem in or around June. The limit of members to join is 30. The deadline for joining is December 31 2019. comment if you would like to join and if you would like to quit. there will be meetings in other locations but i would like this team to be a team of NC state members. the rest of the info will come soon or will be held at the meeting. comment of pm me for info or questions and comments.  below is the logo. I suggest putting the logo "libras" in green , in you signature.Had to repost because the other thread was closed and nobody could join, here was the old link...https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Team-Li...th-America

1.subscribe to this thread so you stay updated and comment my signature "libras" or pm me to join.
2.show up to meets (you dont have to make all of them)
3.show up to battles
4.be nice to team members and non team memebers alike
5.need at have  least the 3 metal saga beyblades or burst beys and a ripper
7. needs to live in North Carolina .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Members: @Edallurs2.0 EhiccupMlastkid ValkyrieBURST AjBlader2100 Dacatman depend member @#Fafnir

 [Image: Z]   join my team light strike libras !
I’m you’ve already made a thread for this. Instead of creating a new thread, you can edit your post by using the pencil icon in the bottom right corner of your post. Wink

Also, I read your Signature. Thanks.
Nah, you don't need two of the same thread for this. You should be good with the one you started in April!