Noobiest thing you have ever done?

noobiest thing i done was definetely when i traded my lava-x anubion for a hyrus and thinking it was good

i literally realized like days ago that the beyblade was pretty garbage thenadays (?)

ever since i never traded my beyblades with anyone
The dumbest thing I ever did was bet on the winner of the Euro 2020 finals money and still managed to win. I then bet on Biamo.Bet and they gave me such a generous welcome bonus that after registering and making my first deposit I added some of my own money and placed a bet. After the final, I saw the amount of winnings in my account and I was very happy, because it is not every time I manage to win money. Now I have decided to keep trying.
In beyblade?
Probably using yard on union and losing to wonder valtryek Uncertain
Saying UwU thinking it was a universal sign for peace on the internet.

S m h . . .
Breaking my Storm Spriggan which I originally intended to be in my Classic format deck when I get to it someday.
Now I can't find people selling it anymore.