Non-Beyblade LEGO creations

This thread is about things i made out of lego that aren't beyblades. Here's a few right now!

My first creations are the first ever models of a japanese children's anime which goes by the name Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion. The show in general is about bullet trains driven by kids that transform into robots and protect japan from strange monsters and machines created by an unknown force of evil trying to take over the country.

The models shown are the N700A Nozomi (white one) and the E5 Hayabusa (green one). They do transform but that will be shown in a later pic or when I buy the pieces and build them for real. 
[Image: Shinkalion_Team_front_view.png]
[Image: Shinkalion_Team_1.png]
 Next are some regular bullet trains that are a bit larger than the shinkalion models i made. For starters the E5 Hayabusa!
[Image: E5_Bullet_Train.png]
next is it's consolidation partner, The E6 Super Komachi!
[Image: e6_bullet_train.png]
and here's a big model of the N700A shinkansen bullet train!
[Image: My_third_N700_A_model_Geez_I_love_this_train.png]
This one is 16 train cars long, just like the real thing!

I also made Genji Shimada from Overwatch!
[Image: Genji_from_Overwatch.png]
[Image: Genji_from_Overwatch_side_view.png]
I am on the edge of my seat seeing these creations!
Hands Down, you are the best! Those bullet trains, those are the most beautiful things here!
Thank you all for the positive comments! here's a pic of every bullet train i made before i updated them.
From left to right we have: The 800 Tsubame Train from the Kyushu train lines, The 700 Nozomi, 300 Hikari and N700 Nozomi, All hailing from West Japan, The E5 Hayabusa, E6 Super Komachi, E7 Kagayaki and the E3 Komachi from East Japan.
[Image: JR_Railways.png]
NOTE: some of these trains were older versions of the ones i uploaded yesterday so they don't look entirely the same.
Another Shinkalion for the win! This time, I've built the E6 Super Komachi with functional Railway Crossing Cannons!
[Image: Shinkalion_E6_Komachi.png]
[Image: Shinkalion_E6_Komachi_side.png]