No upcoming events for Sydney????

I dont see any upcoming events these days on sydney.....
For some reason, everybody from Sydney seems to have disappeared and nobody is really trying to host tournaments anymore ... I think I will actually leave this open because it is very disappointing that such an active community as Sydney's could come to this state.
Hello there!

The WBO is volunteer run so that means we cannot send anyone to your specified region to host tournaments. Rather, we have given the ability to members to host tournaments in their regions.
Please looks under the "Official Events" sub-category to see if there are any tournaments near you. If not, you can host your own tournament. All you need is a legal Bey-Stadium and 8 confirmed participants. But before you create a proposal to host, read the following help sections and understand them thoroughly.



it's kinda wierd, us melbournians and sydney used to be rivals in tournament levels, it was sydney that made omega decide to host tournaments once a month originally, then suddenly, poof, they went about the same time omega left, only sydney hasn't come back yet. someone needs to get sydney running again, and you can start it or sit and wait for someone to come. now is a good time as the toy sales are happening and the metal fury beys are about to come out, so go do one man, gather 8 people, read the guides and go (unless you don't find someone with the right stadium, then your stuffed unless you buy one).
Though I don't live in Australia, I gotta say, I've noticed Australia's drop in tournaments...

It was once a really active place! What happened?

Now, Melbourne has been getting a little more active, but yeah, Sydney's dropped off the list by far...

I looked at the BeyPoints Queue, and Syndey's last tournament was November 6, 2011, and it's on a blocker because fees haven't been sent in...

EDIT: I looked at the thread for Sydney's last event, and it appears that the host (Gen SimpL) was banned, sooooo...what happens to that event's results?