New to Beyblades, questions about MFB Vs. Burst

Hey WBO!

First of all, I want to say it's a relief to see there's an actual community for beyblades! I'm a new blader and I just had a few questions about MFB Vs. Burst. 

I re-discovered Burst first exactly a 1 month ago on launch day in North America. It's become my new obsession overnight, and I have nearly 30-40ish beyblade burst tops (Including Hasbro versions, Takara Tomy versions, new stadiums, launchers, etc). I loved it all so much so I wanted to branch out to the metal versions of Beyblades as well.

I hit up Craigslist and Facebook, found a few used beyblades and bought a boatload of beys. Now, the majority of them seem worn and used. Stickers are either barely on or completely missing. Some plastic pieces are broken or missing etc etc. However, they still worked! 

Now comparatively, the MFB tops had me pretty underwhelmed. Many just stayed in the center of the stadium. Many of the various parts didn't seem to give either bey an edge or really make much difference in performance.

Is it because I picked up a load of junk? Maybe the parts are so used that I can't really get anymore out of them? Am I missing something? Maybe I'm just partial to Burst.

Many people seem to praise the MFB, and I'm wondering if it's worth giving it another shot, or should I just pay attention to Burst. 

Once again, great to meet all of you!! I hope to join some competitions, make some friends, and spread the Beyblade love!
Hey welcome to the WBO I guess you find MFB more boring as they do not have the Burst gimmick which adds another layer of cite net to the battle as even if there are two tops just in the middle of the stadium a Burst could happen at any given moment ad with metal beyblades they do give an competive edge we have actually 3 different formats for MFB so you should check out the customisation section for that to see which competitive metal fight parts you have
The thing is that your stadium may be bad: all of Hasbro's from the Metal Fight Beyblade period were horrible for Attack types. Or, definitely, the parts you would find in the average used lot are really not competitive.

If you have a chance, either list the parts you have or post a photograph of them.
Well on youtube I have made 6 MFB vs Burst beyblade battle video in my channels and i got 2 people that like my videos and i hope you guys will someday watch my videos and think about it.