[New delhi, India] Anyone?

Anyone here from New delhi..
I used to beybattle in streets back when Beyblade was airing in Delhi and I wanna do it again now but in Tournaments..
So tell me which type of blades do you guys use Nowdays and where can i get them? When is the Next Tournament?Eee
First of all, I am Nemo! I am from Mumbai. We have tournaments as we have paypal accounts which will help us buy blader passports or send entry fees for tournaments. You yourself can host one if you have at least 1 paypal account. Find some bladers around your area and you can actually request in a mall nearby to make a tournament for Delhi bladers. I bet many bladers will appear and new Delhi community will be formed!! Smile

By mall, I mean like the previous tournament in Mumbai which Beyblade Challenge : [26/05/13] which was held in Infinity Mall, Andheri!
Greetings of the day!
I am planning to host an event/tournament for beybladers to meet and play as per the official rules of bey system proposed as per the WBO committee . However We need more player to join us before i will propose an event so i need to know how many people are up for the tournament if to be hosted in Delhi. Please PM me if you want to join with your contact numbers.


My name is Fayeque. I am from Pune