New adult blader near Denver

Hello folks!

I am Dan, aka Dannabis or Danny 2Trayz, username Dannabeys.

I was just recently introduced to BBB by my young nephew.

After a few games I wanted a bey. And then a stadium.
Now I am working on figuring out what arenas and stadiums are more natural and useful for bey battles. Looks like I need to get a BB 09 standard type stadium.
I have a hasbro stadium with the rails and I don't know that I like what the rails do for the game.

I want a full size arena like in the anime but that seems unrealistic.

I just ordered a few TT beys to get in to.
First bey I picked up was Wyvron W3.

I want to find local folks to play with. I am 33yo and don't know how many adults play. I will try to get my friends in to it.

Hey Dannabeys! Try the WBO Beyblade Community Thread to search for local Bladers in your area. I think the ages are very mixed between youngsters and adults.

If you want bigger Stadiums, try the Beyblade Decagone Huge Battle Stadium Arena (not an official BeyStadium from TT) or the Big BeyStadium from TT.
Thank you Sir_Tantris for the suggestions. I will peruse the community thread. I will also see if there are meet ups near by.


My non top related hobbies include : mountain biking, gardening, and schlapping da bass.

I have been a MTG card player on and off. Played from Ice Age/5th Edition until just after Mercadian Masques/Invasion era and then sold my cards cheaply started again two years ago because I work with so many folks who play to some degree. I am possibly on hiatus from MTG now, at least definitely not buying any.
Hey! Awesome to have another colorado blader. I'm near like westminister ish but I don't mind driving. I see you mentioned getting some burst stuff to start. I'd say more of the adult bladers prefer plastic or metal fight beyblade, the two series prior, but that's probably just because it's what we grew up with. Regardless anywhere is good to start. I highly recommend you get discord if you don't already have it and join some beyblade servers so you can get chatting and learning. Love to talk more, give advice and tips, and hopefully meet up one day and blade!