[New Zealand] torenments in new zealand

Im hosting a tournament for any auckland bladers ummm its at lake panorama or maybe Parrs Park just reply back if ur interested
yo you guys might not know about wanganui its in nz but i live there and yea i agree we should have tournaments in nz which would be pretty mean also i thought that they would only host a tournament in big towns so what about palmerston north
Im from Auckland, New Zealand ^^ I have 12 or so beyblades. 2 Are Takara Tomy and i will be buying more from Takara Tomy soon.
(Mar. 15, 2011  10:55 AM)BeyBladeNZ Wrote: Im from Auckland, New Zealand ^^ I have 12 or so beyblades. 2 Are Takara Tomy and i will be buying more from Takara Tomy soon.

north shore?
ok, guys, if anyone is looking for a team to join in nz, pm me
i also live in auckland pm me
can i also join the torament i live in north shore
Sup guys.. im from Hamilton, NZ anyone from here? i would love to battle you... nobody i know in this town or at my school plays... and if there is a team or crew in the Waikato area for beyblade, count me in
hey everyone all join up on facebook on a page with beyblading then go to hasbro and ask if they could host a battle tournament in four different towns Palmerston north christchurch wellington auckland and maybe hamilton or north shore so tecnikly thats 6
or somehere in the middle where we could all meet and if it does be glad to see ya guys there also looking at makin a beyblade team
(Nov. 23, 2010  10:13 AM)Dirge Wrote:
(Nov. 21, 2010  4:31 AM)fireatwill96 Wrote: Hi i'm just wondering why the beyblades are like nearly out of stock in most places... it's kinda weird cos around 2 weeks ago there were plenty..
in auckland btw

theft is probley the hugest reason, i work at the warehouse and have heard all about it and the store in almost every location is having large amounts of there beyblade stock stolen by kids and there parents. This was the final straw for me that made me quit beyblade. hope this helps. Also if your looking for beyblades pm me im selling quite alot

Why are you member of beyblade australia then? Sorry if I am bumping but I googled this) (it has moved)
Dirge, I'm in New Zleaand too not far from wellington, I'm in Levin.Hey if any WBO member comes to Levin let me know or send me a pm.
who's from waitakere auckland here? if you are please reply i really want a competition held in auckland
hi i would love to havve a tournament here in nz any time any where
i would love to have a beyblade in nz im in manurewa a tournament that would be awesome
any tournaments in manukau
yeah im in auckland i can battle you name a place and a time and will get back to
Hi guys im going to hold a beyblade torenment in Taupo its going to be wicked we at least have 41 bladers in Taupo maybe more and i've already made a large stadium (3m x 3m) if you want to see it search up mega stadium on youtube by the way that kid on the video is NOT me hes the one who came up with the idea so yeah if you're going into taupo around late this year and early next year let me know!
Ha, might organise a torney as soon as I get a BB-10 and more members on my team..
i hav the most strongest beyblade in the world,CHAOS HEPHAESTUS,i challenge any who dares hu dares to face me,location:new zealand,wellington,hutt valley
hey ill battle you any where any time asapEeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEee

but not in wellington really
I'm in North Shore, Auckland. Plz PM.
Im in manukau pm me if theres any beyblade tornaments nearby there
hey guys i really want to start a beyblade team in nz too
yea they should come

places they would go:

Christchurch etc

and im from raglan
yea hay guys im from waikato i would love to have a tornament some where round here
I'm thinking of starting a beyblade tournament in Auckland but I only have one stadium
-Monbuscus :Joyful_2