New Sub-Forum: WBO Tournament Reports!

When we launched the new version of the WBO last year on our 8th anniversary, included in that massive update were a few changes to the structure of the forums.

However, with this change we’ve realized now that there is no clear place for Organizers and members to share their experiences at WBO Organized Play events with the entire community in the forum of tournament reports! Posting in event threads doesn’t work so well because most people outside of those communities don’t necessarily look at those threads. So, the solution was simple: a Tournament Reports sub-forum! We have moved all existing tournament reports from the “Discuss” forum to this new sub-forum contained within the main WBO Beyblade Tournaments category.

View the Tournament Reports Sub-Forum Now

Also, please take a look at the Tournament Report Forum Guidelines.

To celebrate the addition of this forum, Mitsu prepared a brand new tournament report for a recent event in Toronto just on time! Check his report for WELCOME TO A&C GAMES IV!

In the future we plan to take a look at other ways to promote tournament reports (or specific threads in general) in different ways like in a box along the side of the index, so please look forward to that!

Tournament reports don’t necessarily have to be extremely long and complex: even just a summary, a stream of photos, or some battle clips compiled into a thread is great! If you write a report, make sure you encourage everyone else who participated to post their thoughts as well.

We hope that with this update all Organizers and tournament players will feel more encouraged to dive into and discuss what’s happening at WBO events around the world and that it’ll ultimately bring us all just a little bit closer together.