[New Hampshire,USA] Any Bladers in NH?

I don't think there is many here, anyone live near the Nashua area? I've been wanting to go to a tournament but I can't find any bladers in my area.
]I am a Blader and like you, I do not know of anyone in NH. I live in Concord, not to far from Nashua. Do you have a favorite beyblade? My favorite is SolBlaze. My favorite stadium is Hades Gate. Have you gotten any of the BeyWheels?


No , I don't have any beeywheelz, my favorite beyblade would have to be my MF Flash Zurafa CH120RF, and my favorite stadium is of course the BB-10 Attack Stadium. Maybe you could join my team?
How many kids on your team? And I think I would enjoy being on your team. Do you live in Nashua?
i live in Farmington NH
i'm up for something in concord or nashua at least in that range.
I can't wait to meet so many new bladers around my area