New Era of Beyblade: Beyblade Burst

This thread will probably be deleted....

The new generation of beyblade, "Beyblade Burst" is finally out and even has a format here in the WBO! I was wondering, what is everyone opinions on the new system and new anime!?

Me personally, it's going to take some time adjusting to the new bey and anime. I'm still stuck with Metal Fight Beyblade and Zero G! The beyspirit lessons, Gingka going against Ryuga! That action was awesome! Also not using Facebolts anymore? It's all too much!!! Crying

But we all have different opinions, some can adjust easily, some "go with the flow"!

But just drop your opinions on this new Era of beyblade!
Ah, we did discuss Beyblade Burst and give our opinions a lot in the beginning, and I think the anime gets hyped and trashed on a weekly basis enough already, but I am indeed curious to know what people think of the series after almost a year and a half.

Did anything (the frequent breaks, the teeth wear, lack of money, the burst gimmick itself) form a changing point for you on your interest in the series? If you were really into it at first, what keeps you hyped about it right now or, on the contrary, what makes you lose interest?

Where do you wish the series would move on to?
I really hope they expand on the customisation options like in the plastic gen for some reasosn this series reminds me of the plastic gen i would say enable a new customizable part that enables spin direction (like with the plastic gen) would seem to most obvious choice however with the layer seemingly being the part that does that im not sure what they will do next.
I like the new gimmick and beys, it is a new series so I don't see the need to compare it to the past iterations. The only thing I want is for Hasbro to not handle Burst the way they did MFB, because I think it might fail.

As for the anime, it's different from what we've seen so far but I like it for what it is.
Personally, I really don't like Beybalde Burst... Crying I was really looking forward to it, and im sorta disappointed

Its just seems a bit more... idk how to describe but its like their aiming for different age group with the new version? Like, they made the main's mom a part of the show and that's really gonna limit the places where the anime can go. In metal fight almost none of the parents were present which let the characters travel the world in Metal Masters without question.
And I don't think very highly of the new main character, I think he's really weak for a main. (I keep forgetting his name LOL ^^') I guess im sorta used to the cliché of main characters who r overwhelmingly strong and always win, like Gingka was. I preferred it that way even tho it was sorta repetitive because you'd always kno who would win.
Another complaint I have is that the battles are shorter! What happened to those awesome intense battles would stretch for 2 or 3 episodes!? TT~TT
My final complaints that ill mention is the new English theme song. Its a nice song, really, but its just not for beyblade. The Lyrics are cool, but the song it too mellow. There's a reason why all previous beyblade openings were so preppy and lively!

I do enjoy the animation tho, and some of the dub voices were actually pretty good.

Even tho I dislike the show, I will continue to support the beyblade franchise, in hopes that future series will air!! >u<
*secretly Prays they bring back Kyoya Tategami back* LOL