New Campaigns and New G4 Tournament Info!

Since the release of the Super Z beys there have been a multitude of upcoming campaigns along with some new news about some G4 Tournaments

First of all, the new set of Ruby Drivers that you can get if you purchase over ¥2000 of Beyblade products. The campaign starts on March 17th
[Image: 006qyw9_Cgy1fpdk68jewkj30jg088gua.jpg]
The drivers available will be Edge, Quake, Needle, and Zephyr

Another campaign will launch in April 28th with a gold and black Winning Valkyrie at the spotlight. Like other campaigns, you have to buy ¥2000 worth of Beyblade products to obtain this
[Image: 006qyw9_Cgy1fpdkthx0juj30u00uax6p.jpg]

Next up on the agenda, some news about G4 tournaments!

As usual, the G4 Tournament prize has changed!
[Image: 006qyw9_Cgy1fpdk65c6sbj309d07ojs0.jpg]
[Image: 006qyw9_Cgy1fpdk65suf1j309i07oq3h.jpg]
[Image: 006qyw9_Cgy1fpdk65fpkcj30ab07ot99.jpg]
1st place gets the layer, 2nd gets the disk, and 3rd gets the Driver

On May 15th, there will be a special G4 Tournament that will allow you to obtain an Evil Spirit version of Z Achilles
[Image: 006qyw9_Cgy1fpdktzqhdtj30u00gfwl5.jpg]
[Image: 006qyw9_Cgy1fpdktvjjoqj306705udgv.jpg]

We also have news about what the diamond shaped hole is for...
[Image: 006qyw9_Cgy1fpdktvr7smj306705ugm3.jpg]
Apparently, it is called a "Level Chip" and it might not be the only thing you can add to the new layers
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So that is a new range of customization in super-zetsu beyblades
That diamond really got something in It.(a diamond)
there might be metal level chips be coming up.

Thanks a lot for the information @[Mage]!