[Netherlands, Limburg] to everyone in netherland,germany or belgium

they only do sport event or tournaments im srry........
ok than but maybe i'm gonna organize something
Well...technically seen beyblade is a sport, since you must move to participate....mayby we can get an exception?
and it's a tournement... so maybe
zeca1997 do you know a good location maybe a big garage or something? let us know!
can we hold it in Leeuwarden,Friesland??Pinching_eyes_2
(if its too far dont read this)

but i am a kid.
Well I do not do anything when the tournament is in Friesland
(there may be misspellings in it)
so can someone help me with it
send it to me if you want to help
(and i am 11 years old)
(there may be misspelings in it)
If you know a good location we can do it there.
Ok but first i want to know who's coming to the tournament
I think 15 to 25 bladers because i know a few who wanna come to
can i plz know the age of evryone please?..
I know some people who want to come:
- Me: 14
- My brother 11
- 1,(2) others 15, (17)
I'm going to ask if we can rent that room for the tournament
you get the answer the day after tommorow
do we do the tournament on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday?
Saturday plz Grin Grin Grin
oh and btw where is it and how big is the room and do i need to bring stadioms or not?
Can we pick a date when you found something? Saturday seems the best option for me.
the room is as big as a regular gymnasium
oh yes and bring stadiums with you
I think it's better for the tournament after Christmas to do
(there may be misspellings in it)
Good, good indeed.I think we'll have enough stadiums if almost everyone brings one or two, wich probably is the case.(since nobody can actually beyblade without an arena...Tongue_out_wink )
So we'll keep it in january, i presume?
Yes, good, in Groningen you said? that's okay, but do we have to pay for that room?
its in leeuwarden,Friesland and
Tuesday you hear from me
(there may be misspellings in it)
I can't come on tuesday!! it's 2,5 hour riding!! I can only in hollydays and weekends and you said Saturday, sunday or friday.
no thuesday is not the tournament
its on a saturday
Thuesday is the day i can ask if we can rent that room
I can also type in Dutch?
English is a bit difficult for me
oh yes and maybe you must pay 1 euro entrance
the tournament is in January
Ok, maybe i can come then but how much costs that hall? I can't come on the 16th but maybe we can do it in the next hollyday?
Would it be possible to do it in a park or something, If that hall cannot be aranged?
Maybe, but where? because Groningen is a long way from my house... we can do it in Utrecht or something.
sure i would like a tournament but my favorite bey is not alowd
it wuz @ the beginning though
but i can fix another one
i guess
tell me whare and when.....
ive been playing and following for quite a while and i woul like to see some competition!!!

age: 23
i'll hear from you k?