NeoKidz - Math Card Game Made by Me

So lately I’ve been working on a math card game for ages 6-8 to help kids learn math a fun way. Now, I’m aware that most people on this site are older kids and adults so if you have a younger sibling or child this game might be good to get. I’ve fully finished the game, it’s Rules and the 16 cards. Their all ready to print so respond to this thread for more info. (Officially, the release date is August 1st, but a few lucky people can pay and get the game early to rate the quality and stuff

How it works: I’m thinking it will be a math game where 2 kids draw a card and whoever can answer the math problem on it first first gets the card, if neither of them can answer it in 3:00 then they will get a parent to explain it or use a calculator. When you get a problem correct before the other player you get the card. Whoever gets the most cards out of the 16 rounds wins.

Also, the cards each have their own cute character on them
Here’s an example! How does the character look and what do you guys think of this!

Thanks for reading,