NaLu's Signature and avatar shop.

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yup same here. hope u like ur's bro
Oh and NaLu while your at it, could you make me an avi that flashes between showing the big bang pegasus emblem with starry sky background to the left, and l-drago destroy emblem to the right with flame background, and then switches to stardust dragon on the left with Starry sky background and red dragon archfiend to the right with flame background? and then, if its not too much to ask, make it switch to a third scene with the same left=starry sky right=flames background scheme, have Dragondestroyer across it in flame letters in the starry sky half, and starry sky letters in the flame half? these are gonna be awesome, let me thank you in advance for the work you're going to put into this.
I want a signature again NaLu.
Size - as same as yours
Background - as in "Karl's signature" ( on post no. 2# ) but instead of rejig's face put rayuga's.
Image - in middle Big Bang Pegasus, Blitz Unicorno & L-Drago Destroy striking each other. In left corner Gingka & in right corner Masamune ( like you have done in Djalu 13's signature on post no. 19#).
Text - tornado wing & ultra sonic thorn under those three beyblade's.
Look as said in the title my shop is closed. Please do not spam my thread. Im currently doing the requets from people who requested before.

EDIT: [Image: DQSZd.jpg]
There is not a problem NaLu, after you complete the requests before mine's you can do mine.

EDIT- Best signature really cool as I wanted, surely give you credit
Thank you so much it is perfect just what i wanted
I give you a 5 star rating :-) :-) :-D
[Image: 30sdq8h.png] DRagonDestroyer's Sig
edit [Image: 2exr7u1.gif] Beybladerocx2's Sig
Size. Same as yourS

background. Stars

Images . Flame libra and blitz unicorno and yu and masamune standing next to there beys

Text Dark libra in gold letters
Nalu u want this one or you want me to do it itll only take me a few secods
Edit here you go [Image: 118zlea.png]
Thanks alot Smile it's SUPERSPECIALAWESOME!
I just wanted to say that my shop is open again because i have someone helping me.

Blaze12xz Please enjoy his signature and avatars!

hei Nalu i got another request
Background:Black as usual
Size: same as yours
Images: Kronos beast and Orion beast Hitting each other
TextGrinjalu13 in the middle
Hey NaLu I would like a signature

Background: flames
Images: a space marine (in the middle)
Text: For the Emperor (bottom left corner)
Size: same as yours
Djalu13 I will do yours

spacemarine320 I will let blaze12xz do yours since he hasn't had any requests Smile

NOTE: As my school starts in 2 days don't expect your request to be done in a day. I will do them all at the end of the week or anytime i have after school.

EDIT: [Image: djalu13.jpg]

I decided it was too plain so i added orion and kronos in
Nalu nice to see you dont need my help anymore Hope you two do well
Images:hikaru launching storm aquario(if you can make it move)
Text:aquariomaster in purple letters
Size: same as yours

heres yours spacemarine
if you want a different spacemarine just send me the link coz i didnt know which one to get
i just searched it up on google
[Image: DF9O1.jpg]
Wow thanks NaLu you are the best
thank you Blaze12xz for the signature but when i went to use it it said users with less than 10 posts cant have a link on there signature

Want a avatar-
Pic-Ginga seeing Madoka
Background-Big Bang Pegasus Logo.
Text-podarrajat in the Beyblade logo font.
Size-Like always
(Jan. 28, 2012  10:41 AM)spacemarine320 Wrote: thank you Blaze12xz for the signature but when i went to use it it said users with less than 10 posts cant have a link on there signature
spacemarine320 go to your user cp beside your avatar in the first line there is a line like this 6 ( 0.03 post per day ) ( 6 can be something else like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) if your's is 6 then you have to post in 4 times in different thread when it reach 10 you are able to put your signature

ok thanks for the tip
(Jan. 28, 2012  11:56 AM)spacemarine320 Wrote: ok thanks for the tip
Please do not make unnecessary posts like that. You could've just PM'd him that. Not hard right.

What's up? Is mine done yet?
Oh yes i am very sorry i forgot to post your sig and avatar when it was completed. Here it is.
[Image: sniperkids.jpg]
[Image: sniperkid.jpg]

It took long to post since i forgot where i saved it so i decided to make my life simple by making a whole folder for my renders, c4d's and signature and avatars!