NaLu's Signature and avatar shop.

Poll: How much stars does my Signature and/or Avatar deserve?

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Signature please

Size same as yours

Background water

Hikaru standing next to storm aquario and tsubasa standing next to earth eagle

Aquriomaster in purple at the bottom
I would like both signature and avatar,
For signature: Size, same as yours
Background:You provide, whatever background you think will best fit what i will mention
Pictures: Kyoya launching Fang Leone/ Kyoya with Fang Leone on the right side
TextsGaspn the upper left make it say Sniper Kid(follow the caps i mentioned) On the lower left make it say World Beyblade Organization or simply WBO if it wont fit.
For avatar:
I simply like Fang Leone Burning Claw version in fire background and Sniper Kid text on the buttom.
Size: What ever would be best for an avatar.
Backround: A night sky
Image: Yuri in the middle of launching, and Gravity Perseus ( could you make it spin? Grin)
Text: LoganightLegend (With stars on both ends)
Thnx in advance ^^
Delta fate shut up my avatar & signature is really good nalu did a great job

What do u want : Signature
Size : Same as your op or larger if needed
Background : Black and green matrix letters backdrop
Images: Command prompt / DOS screen
Text : Perfection means destruction (inside the screen)

Thank you very much if you take upon my request.
Kreis Cygnus real or anime. With an aquatic blueish grayish backround with Swan Blader in the middle.
And the code please
Size : the same as yours i guess
Background : dark blue/black wavy colors
Images: THe bladers that own 4d beys in the anime except gingka and keoya.
Text : The true 4Dmaster
Thanx and i hope u see this.
Ok my shop is closed because as said in the op if there are 5 requests my shop will close until they are all done. The other three i will do once these 5 are done so these are the five.

oh and also theres a new rule, if you pm me or post on this thread to hurry up three times i will not do your request.

1. cool dude ginka
2. kaisergriffin
3. aquriomaster
4. Sniper Kid

If you were before these five please do PM me and i will change the list
can you pm me when you r done if its not going out of your way thank you!
(Jan. 23, 2012  3:53 AM)aquriomaster Wrote: can you pm me when you r done if its not going out of your way thank you!

Could u do the same for me??? Thanks ^^
1.[Image: 6WI5.jpg]
2.[Image: RdvPl.jpg]
3.[Image: PXkfN.jpg]

It's perfect thanks so much!!!
My stupid sig won't post something about i need to post 10 different things...... very annoying...
Im Announcing i will be helping around by doing some requests i am not joining though
NaLu, my sig isn't showing. What's up?
Links busted he has to reupload ill try to reupload it for you
Here i reuploaded it
[Image: Jy37j.gif]
[Image: rGiRz.jpg]
Thnx soooo much! ^^
I'm very appriciative.
If you want that sig you requested i can do it now
Ok, could you?
Thnx in advance! ^^
BTW, I'll credit you in my for the avatar and sig in my signature when youre done. Just so i dont credit u for my currnet sig XD
Could you please make me a sig where on the left it has a pic of Gravity Perseus and it says Perseus, on the right side it would have a pic of Galaxy Pegasus and it would say The Pegasus, in the middle it would say And.
On the left for the background I would like a ghostly purple and it would transision to the galaxy pegasus blue.
And at the bottom it would say Beybladerocx2.

Please let me know if you can make this, and if you can please let me know when it is done.
ooooooh free awesome sigs

size: same size as yours
background: to the left, i want a starry sky background, and to the right, i want a flame background.
images: to the left, i want the big bang pegasus emblem (picture on the face bolt, if thats not clear enough) and a big bang pegasus with a stardust dragon. you may not know what this is, but you will know it when you see it. to the left, there will be an l-drago destroy emblem, l-drago destroy, and a red dragon archfiend. as with stardust, you will know it when you see it. in the bottom part of the middle, it will say Dragondestroyer in blue on the left side and then turn red once it reaches the flame background. hope its not too much to ask for Smile i'll be sure to give you credit.
sounds very complex Dragon, but it sounds AWESOME.
ikr its gonna be EPIC!! i have a feeling im gonna be happy with when it's done, because everybody likes this guy Smile