NPR records Beyblade story, showcases Sliding Shoot Lesson!

Hello again all World Beybladers!

This is actually a news that not even the other Committee Members know of at the moment, but it's really awesome and it came right with perfect timing!

You all remember that last Monday, we celebrated Brad Day, right? We took a moment to enjoy the existence of this organization, and we thanked Brad for all he did.

Well, on the same day, we actually got contacted by Elizabeth Blair from the National Public Radio for an interview! Unfortunately, and she had warned me, she did not have enough time given for her story to mention the World Beyblade Organization in the end, but she did actually place our video of the Sliding Shoot Lesson on the matching article for the radio story online! Brad's very own creation, Beyblade Channel's very first lesson video gets featured in such a big radio's story, what a feat!

If you want to read the article and listen to her recording, you can go right here:

You can also read that the United States champion for 2011, Zakiah Garcia, apparently uses Big Bang Pegasis and it seems like he might have used it in the national championships, or at least that's what his speech and the article hint at. It could also just be his nickname for a combination with a Pegasis Clear Wheel, since 4D Beyblades are not supposed to be allowed at all...

In other, older news, this isn't the first time the World Beyblade Organization gets featured in the media: around the beginning of the year, Gulli Mag, a popular French magazine for kids, interviewed Kei (Scott) and I (Virginie) and published our answers in an exclusive Beyblade special issue!

The cover:
[Image: GulliMag_Couverture.jpg]

The pagespread where our interview appears:
[Image: GulliMag_Gros.jpg]

A close-up:
[Image: GulliMag_Section.jpg]

Of course, the words are in French, so here's a translation, but remember that we answered the interviewer's questions almost a year ago, so our suggestions are really outclassed now!

Quote:Pros' tips and experiences
Scott (18 years old) and Virginie (19 years old) are part of the WBO, an organisation of Bladers in Canada. There, Virginie participated in a tournament. Scott, on his side, came in the top 3 in 6 tournaments and won 2 others. Your mag[azine] tells you their experiences and their tips to really get prepared for your upcoming battles...

In what state of mind do you need to be to begin your battles?
Scott: The most important thing is not to undersetimate your opponent. You can't go to your matches thinking that it'll be an easy win. In Beyblade battles, the fight begins even before you've attached your top to the launcher. Preparation is therefore a key element. And you must try to anticipate what top your opponent will use in order to counter it.

What combo would you suggest?
Scott: If you can master your shooting technique, MF Lightning L Drago 100RF is deadly!
Virginie: In a tournament, I've realised that few people succeed with Attack types. I would therefore mostly suggest to use a Defense type or a Stamina type. A Beyblade like Earth Bull 100WD/SD, for instance, should mutliply your chances of winning the battle.

And later in the magazine, the link to our website is repeated as well.

This isn't much news, one could say, but I think it's awesome to see how far this site has gotten from another point of view. Come on, let's try to reach the stars now!
Ga' Retired
Woah, awesome news!

NPR's the station with the whole 'Story Corps' thing, so this is really cool. Talk about world recognition!
Wow! Great publicity for the WBO!
Great to see it getting some acknowledgement ;D
Awesome interviews too!

... Don't you just love those obnoxious comments on the article?
Fury Retired
That's cool. I think he did use big bang he's like " it turns from stamina to defnce" and that kinda hints to a 4d bottom....
Hov Retired
Wow congrats WBO! We're taking this one step at a time! Sooner or later when this site reaches up to a million, we'll need more commitee members ! Haha. Then again, congrats Kei and Kai-V!
Angry Face
I thinks it's funny that the man in charge of Hasbro's marketing said that if the bey has a sharp tip, it's an Attack type, whereas he said a flat tip made it a Stamina type xD.

Congrats all the same, though!
Amazing news!!!
Thats great.very cool.
Arupaeo Retired
This is great stuff, and hopefully will help beyblade to become even more popular!

I must say though that the picture of you and Kei in the center spread makes you both look much younger than I imagined...
Wow this is cool maybe beyblade will be the greatest attraction for the year
Congrats on the article. The WBO getting all this attention shows that the WBO is a force to be reckoned with. Now only if Hasbro would recognize the WBO
(Dec. 13, 2011  5:38 AM)Arupaeo Wrote: I must say though that the picture of you and Kei in the center spread makes you both look much younger than I imagined...

I never even looked like that, hah.
The boy certainly seems to somewhat favor Scott, but the hair is wrong and there is an aspect of his face that is about ten sizes too small...

Although, I suppose photoshop is possible.
Wow... The WBO is gaining so much popularity o: Hahah. And. Big Bang...? Daang. That better be just a nickname. Like seriously. -.-"
Fury Retired
Ike ima be so mad if he really used big bang
Robsta Retired
Congrats guys!
My dad LOVES NPR! Congrats Kai-V, I know this must mean a lot to you.
(Dec. 13, 2011  6:18 AM)Technologic Wrote: My dad LOVES NPR! Congrats Kai-V, I know this must mean a lot to you.

Do you know if he caught the story live ?
I'm not sure, but I'll be sure to tell him about it and let him read the article.
I'm sorry, did I just read Garcia used BIG BANG PEGASUS AND WON?!?!?!

Gimme this kids address, time for a vari demolition Tongue_out

But its good to see that video with the WBO on, is that newspaper popular Kai-V?
It's a radio station Tongue_out 88.5, I think. For me at least.
Arupaeo Retired
NPR stands for National Public Radio. It produces news and cultural programming across a network of almost 1000 independent radio stations covering most "major" markets here in the US, and is similar to the CBC in Canada (NPR also carries Fresh Air), and the BBC in the UK (NPR also carries the BBC world service).

WAMU is the local affiliate here in the Washington DC metro area, and broadcasts on 88.5 FM.
Hah,! Now we know Kai-V's real name!(Or have I been living under a rock?) . Anyway,awesome!
That's pretty cool! At least we know that if Kei and Kai-V battle, Kei will win! Haha
So sick the WBO's being recognized!