My interview as the Beyblader

Hi, my name is DrainFafnir95, i from Malaysia i was a kid i watching the Beyblade series when i study at primary school since 2003(i was 8 years old) my favourite beyblade is Dranzer the first beyblade in this toyline, then i succeed at middle school my second beyblade is Leone the zodiac top-type to defense and strike at there, and now my own beyblade is Fafnir(had Drain, Geist and Wizard) and finally i will become the beyblade champion. This is my story.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Your friend,
Hey there, Drain. Great to have ya. Fafnir is one of my favorites too. Even though I'm wishing you the best on your journey to the top, You won't beat me XD

(Actually Fafnir is pretty strong so maybe you will lol)
Hey there! Drain. Nice to meet you!
Ooooooooooooooooooooof good luck with wizard. But anyways, nice to meet you!
Pleasure to meet you DrainFafnir95. Unfortunately, me and my team (Dark Deathscyther, Beat Kukulkan, and Shadow Amaterios) are going to have to make you learn that darkness is the path to being a champion mwahahaha

I also initially learned about Beyblades around your age. First Bey was Driger Fang but I never reached until HMS, never watched nor had MFB, and came back to Beyblades via Burst line last 2017 after somehow recovering from an almost 2 year abusive relationship (which also temporarily cut-off my Gunpla building hobby). First Burst Bey was Storm Spriggan. Currently have Lord Spriggan.
Rouzuke, I have my all Fafnir and the two other Beyblades at my casing