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Hello guys so you see above that you can press to go my YouTube channel so write your requests down on your reply or comment here in this thread so I can do beybattles for you and subscribe me if you have a YouTube channel .
Oh hello guys this my FBBM video pls watch this if you want to give me some.
Free Beyblade By Mail by BlackOutTornado

1.Think per a while before pm but it should be original
2.I will pm you to tell my address.
3.I wil pm you again to tell I received the item.

Why I am doing this?
Because to make some beybattles, I may shout out to someone who give me this item and you can request me a beybattle that you send the item.
Your videos are good man. Keep it up. I'll subscribe!
Not bad. Grin Good quality!

Maybe add some catchy music and some effects at the bottom saying "Galaxy Pegasus 2 - Rock Giraffe 1"
yo that waz awsome i all ready subscribed
always welcome dude
(Feb. 06, 2013  12:22 AM)BlackOutTornado Wrote: Anchor- Thank you bro.
Protocol 10-I use iPad only but I might try it.

I'm sure there are apps you could use. I own an Iphone and I know for certain there are several apps. Just search video editing.
You have good videos! KEEP IT UP!
Nice videos. Looks pretty good. Keep it up!
You sir, have a new subscriber.
You know what would be nice, if there was a "Akirasdaddy" effect on the video. Like a animated scoreboard or something.
If you had watch the video above this what I need:
-Draciel S attack ring
-Hms beyblades
-Plastic beyblades
-And all MFB,4d and Zero G

That's all more videos later!!
dude best videos EVER
You will most likely not get any Free Beys; unless you are reputable, like Tris.