My Beyblade Website!! L00K!!

instead of cutting him down and discouraging him we should support him. I think it's great that someone enjoys beyblade to make an entire forum. He's not trying to "divide" the community he's materializing his vision and the fact that he has enough love for beyblade that he puts blood and sweat into making a community so that other bladers can discuss the hobby makes me respect him alot. (i really hope he's a guy cause i said he the entire post XD) so instead of being paranoid about
"dividing" the community we should help the cause and hope that one day his site will grow to be as popular as the WBO. After all their is one thing that drew us all together our passion for beyblade so we must unite as one and help out our brother and sister Communities. KingII i respect you alot and i am encouraging you to follow your passion and put your flesh and blood into making beyblade more popular and if i can help you with your site i would be glad to help the cause. HELP THE CAUSE!!!
He needs to get some content before anyone can help him Confused
I'm currently putting A LOT of stuff up on my site. There is a bunch of good discussions, I'm geting some good content up there mabey a Wiki idk.
i think you could possibly put anime, movies, music, video games and possibly fanart under a single section: Multimedia, that way, it'd be less scrolling for people and even if you have a thread started in one of them, it'd feel a lot less empty than if they were seperate. same for toys, helps/tips and blade doctor's lounge. the it seems, that could all go under the general title, beyblade
Okay thanks for the tips.
@ Zero- Did you sign up? Also, I did what you said.