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Attack Ring: Galeon Attack W/O 2nd attack ring ( Lion )
Weight Disk: Trypio ( + )
Base: Dranzer F ( Bird )
Spin gear: Normal Right ( = )
Bit Beast: Griffolyn ( Griffolyn )
Name: Griffolyn V ( Versatile)

To see Trypio's Weight disk go to

My Griffolyn V is meant to be able to adapt to the enemy with the base.(against Balanced i use my round tip,Endurance = Round tip, Attack = any tip, Defence = round tip, Attack/Defence = Round tip, Attack/ Endurance = flat, Defence/Endurance = Round tip, and all ones with Attack or Defence have an alternative of Sharp tip, these are the tips i use against the certaint enemys i posted)) The base also inst to big or too small. The Attack ring gives me good Balance, Attack and Endurance, along with Defence. The weight disk gives all of the same stuff as the attacl ring, making it good in all of those and also giving me a good alternative strategy to every strategy.

Stats: ATK6 + DEF8 + END7 = Total 21, which is like the MAX for a beyblade... but in my opinion its more like this: ATK7 + DEF8 + END8 = Total 23, but of couse u have to give up 2 in the stats of the tips u arnt using, (Defence tip = Sharp tip, Attack Tip = Flat tip, Endurance tip = Round tip.) But the multiple choice options are sweet so u can either use, A = ATK6 DEF6 END5, B = ATK4 DEF8 END5, or C = ATK4 DEF6 END7. So i get to choose what type of blade mine is since the Attack Ring/Weight Disk are balanced so the base determines what kind of blade it is, and the Shape (Except the tip) of the Base is a balanced shape, making the tip the thing that determines the blade. Since there are all 3 tips, one for each type, it will be able to use ANY kind of strategy, not to mention that i have enough of each stat for each tip to have very little weakness. its one and only weakness is the fact that its not perfect in a stat, so rate my blade and thanks for reading!
wow that's awesome
Oh boy, where do I even start ...

There's one thing we need to get out of the way off the bat: stats don't matter. Those star stats printed on the box don't mean anything, they're marketing drivel designed to sum up information for children. The issue is that this information cannot be accurate by the very nature of the game. Beyblade is a game of physics, and these stats cannot possibly take into account the way that a part will behave when it is used with other parts. The way the AR lines up with a WD, the movement pattern of the BB, all of this will affect the performance of the AR. So designing a Beyblade to have the maximum amount of stats is a pointless pursuit, because you'll probably end up with a piece of garbage.

Which you have. Granted, Galeon has a great AR but you've paired it with a BB which isn't spectacular. Aside from the infamous design flaw that causes the tip to shift during battle, what you've essentially got is a BB that does three things but does none of them particularly well. An uncustomized Galeon would fare better than this. Having three tips doesn't allow you to utilize any strategy, because you're still stuck with the same AR and the same WD and the same height of the BB and the same three terrible tips.

You can't build the perfect Beyblade. It's impossible. What you can do is build Beyblades that are tailored to specific battle scenarios.
It's illegal to use normal Right SG with Dranzer F base. I'm assuming you mean the SG that comes with Dranzer F, right. Also, you HAVE to use the sub-ring. It's part of the attack ring, so it's considered illegal not to use it.

Edit: Also, just for the record, my old customizations used to have around 30 stars total, when I still cared about the stats on the box. SO THERE =P

Edit again: Also, this base cannot use ANY strategy; I would like to see it perform simlar to bearing tip type. If you really like mode changes, I recommend you use Spiral Change instead.
yah, but like i said, that was its weakness, it isnt particularly good at anything, and they arnt THAT crappy the beyblade has to be pretty old for that design flaw to happen, and even then u could just buy a new one for like $5. But yah Stats dont matter, thats why i said personally what i believe the stats would be out of 12.Yah, but the stats DO lie, all the time.... like it says the really heavy weight disks dont give u good Endurance.... only Defence....
What? its illegal if it BROKE?... then why didnt they just have it so its unremovable somehow?... and 30 stats? is that even POSSIBLE? did u have double weight disk or something? because i doubt if ANY beyblade part's stats go past 9 total....
Yeah, forgot to mention that as well, you have to use a sub-ring or it's an illegal customization.
are u aloud to use a different Sub-Ring? like Galeon + Strata Dragoon or Galzzy? (Not Galzzy it COMPLETELY ruins ur blade) and if needed i can switch the attack ring and Weight disk to make a "Wall" of sorts
You can change the Sub-AR, yes. Not sure what you mean by your second question ...
You mean the Wall thing? if u line up a blunt edged attack ring (The edges are wide) and a big Weight Disk, it acts like a wall, meaning the enemy will always hit it and it is alined perfectly.

PS: carp i lost my Strata Sub-Ring.... i think i gave it to my friend....
I don't get your second question either and it's still not clear..

Are you using two WD's? That's what I'm thinking, but it's not clear enough for me to understand.
Ok go look up Vortex Apes's Attack Ring, then imagine putting a big-non-sunfire Weight disk (Like the one that came with Dragoon Storm) under it and then a base, the attack ring and weight disk line up making a wall of defence, now imagine it in a bey-battle, then u will see that the enemy will most likely only attack the wall that u created with the AR/WD and so it becomes a "Wall of Defence".
It gives u more Defence, which is my fav kinds of blades, i have no idea why, but Attack Blades bore me.... and endurance for some reason gets owned by all the attack users....
Your posts are hurting my head. I have no idea what you're talking about.
I think he's saying that the circular form AR and WD (okay Eight/Ten Wide isn't exactly circular but you know what I mean) make it into a "wall" with no protrusions (relatively)
You already posted the factor of "the way the AR lines up with the WD" in your first post, lol, im saying if u do that with certaint attack rings and certaint weight disks u can make a wall to boost up your defence.
yah thats what i meant (But the edge of the AR still has to be tall to make a decent wall)
I don't see that having much of an effect ... using a wide WD is going to make your Beyblade really light, so unless you're using really heavy parts outside of the WD, you're going to get knocked around a lot.
If you're going to go with that concept, then go with a Wide Defense. It's much more round than the Wide series.
he means like a driger s ar lined up with a wide survivor. but with a 10 wide i guess.
actually with certain BBs weight ruins it (Like Draciel Fortress) so yah... *makes a beyblade*

Attack Ring: Dragoon Galaxy
Weight Disk: 10 Weight (i think thats it)
Base: Draciel Fortress with its metal balls
Spin Gear: MagnaCore Right
Bit Beast: Dragoon Galaxy
Name: Dragoon W (Wall)

See? the Weight disk and attack ring create a wall, and if u turn Dragoon G's attack ring into a right spin it becomes defensive rather than attackive, And as mentioned before Draciel F's base is ruined by extra weight. I bet your wondering, WTF is a MagnaCore doing in there?.... the answer is *takes it out of the Beyblade* if u use one the balls are atracted to it giving the base more stability and therefor increasing defence and endurance.
My bad 10 Wide* and i have no idea what the weight disks u are talking about are...are they SunFire?
GotrutoTheCustimizer Wrote:My bad 10 Wide* and i have no idea what the weight disks u are talking about are...are they SunFire?

No, Takara.
And yes, it does.... but only the combo it comes in, if u use the Base with other things, its better.... but the AR is worthless