Music Reccomendation Thread!

Alright, I don't know about you all, but I'm always interested in discovering new music to listen to. So I thought I'd create this thread.

However, I want to be clear in the purpose of this thread. Please only post here if you've found something particularly creative or noteworthy, preferably music that isn't something everyone's already heard of (That means no name dropping the new My Chemical Romance album!). It can be from any genre (Hip-Hop, Rock, Techno, whatever). If you've been listening to a band or an album that you think everyone else should check it, then post about it here and please do your best to explain why you think others should check it out. Don't just post the name of a song or an album, or I will make sure that it's deleted.

So! Having said all of that, I'll kick the thread off:

[Image: isis_wavering_radiant1.jpg]

"Wavering Radiant" by Isis

Ok so Isis is a band that's been around for a long time now, and they've been hugely influential upon modern metal, particularly with the release of their debut album "Oceanic", which more or less cemented them as the creators of what is now accepted as "post-metal".

Their newest album, "Wavering Radiant", just released this month and it is incredible. However, this isn't music for everyone. Nearly all of the songs are over seven minutes long, and they are all more artistic than your traditional metal album, with lots of dynamic tempo and atmospheric shifts. There are also occasional screamed vocals (though they are mostly kept to a minimum), so those of you who aren't too keen on screaming/growling should take that into account.

Here are some Youtube links for those interested:

- "Hall of the Dead"

- "Stone to Wake a Serpent"

Ok, lemme know if any of you like this, and please feel free to share whatever you're into at the moment too!
yeah personally i wouldnt call isis post-metal, technically they're progressive metal, just like the band and album I'm about to mention:

Dreamtheatre are also a band that have been around for alot of years, since 1980 to be exact. Throughout the bands time they've produced many albums that are all evidence of why several magazines label them as the pioneers of modern progressive music. Each member of the band is know over the world as a virtuoso of their instruments. Again like Isis, Dreamtheatre isn't for everyone, but are well worth checking out, and if you're a musician I'm sure you'll enjoy a listen to their music. Average song length for them is about 7 - 8 minutes, with their longest track recorded stopping the timer at 24 minutes exactly.

Out of all their music of the last 2 decades, one of their most well recieved songs, and also one of their most popular among fans is "Metrpolis Pt1; The Miracle and the Sleeper. I urge you to check out the video and hope you too will take a liking to their music.
dude that is an awsome song even though it is really long
does anyone here now about the wombats, everyone i ask doesnt know about them so here is one of there songs
i like the song for its beat and the video makes it interesting to watch plus it kinda puts me in a cheary mood
Haha, I listened to the Wombats a while back. They were biggish in the UK. Smile

I can see myself liking this thread, assuming it will be used properly. Smile I haven't listened to Isis before so I'll put them on my list of stuff to check out. Smile
Band I've been listening to for a while called You Love her Coz She's Dead.
They're an 8bit Rave pop band from England, don't know if many people here will be familiar with the show Skins, but they featured on the trailer for a series 3 episode.
I think they've got a really fresh kinda feel to them, and brilliant sampling, but I'll let you guys decide for yourselves.
[Image: 2qa39z5.jpg]

"Do We Need This?" by Muse

OK, I'm kind of breaking my own rules for this thread here. I realize Muse is a really popular band and I am (obviously) a huge fan, but until a few days ago I didn't even know this existed. This is an unofficial b-sides and rarities collection with 25 tracks assembled from throughout the band's career and seriously some of these songs are really good. I can't believe some of these didn't make the cut to be put on an album.

If you've never listened to Muse before this album is still a great place to start. Their music is more hard-rock oriented. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone.

Don't know if this is allowed (I'll remove the link if it isn't), but here's a torrent for the album:
Firstly, torrent downloading of copyrighted material is illegal, I know we've probably all done it, but still, at your own risk.
Secondly, the pirate bay recently got done by the FBI (, among other organizations (, REALLY wouldn't recommend downloading anything from there.
^ I downloaded it from there a few days ago and I'm all good.

Just saying. lol
lol. It is a matter of luck in all honesty.
(May. 13, 2009  7:17 AM)Roan Wrote: Please only post here if you've found something particularly creative or noteworthy, preferably music that isn't something everyone's already heard of

So what happens if i say anything about Radiohead (Awesome band, by the way), will that count as something everyone has heard of?
I think about 90% of people on here will have heard of Radiohead since they've been around for over a decade Tired We're talking new bands, new music, or at minimum underground bands that few people will have heard of.
Listen I'm not gonna freak out and get you guys banned if you post something that isn't appropriate. lol

The whole point of the thread is to point out music that others probably have not heard of before, so unless you have some Radiohead b-sides or an album that is sort of rare to suggest, then it's probably a better idea not to post anything from them.
It's Muse, therefore I think I can make an exception Wink

*Rushes to download*
That's for the info on those Muse tracks, I liked a lot of their songs, so I guess I'll check this out.
(Basically following Roan's format)

[Image: Skullgrid_-_Behold_The_Arctopus.jpg]

One band I recommend everyone should at least try listening to is "Behold... The Arctopus". Personally, I wouldn't put them on any mp3 player or anything because of its irregularity and amount of concentration it takes for me to listen to and appreciate their music.

Their a really experimental/prog/whatever you want to call it metal band. Most if not all of their songs are instrumental. If there was one word I could use to describe their music, it would be sporadic. Their songs are almost never that predictable compared to today's popular rock/metal music.

Some songs on youtube:
Canada -
Skullgrid -


[Image: 88c79fe920d7bca2c07b6e8b4bd1a545_full.jpg]

Another band I recommend checking out is Interpol. They're an indie rock group that's sort of popular, but I don't think they're popular enough to put in the same category as Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Avenged Sevenfold, etc.

I don't know how to describe this band... Other than that they're awesome. Some of their songs have really catchy bass lines like in "Evil" while others have really simple, but powerful drum beats like in "The Heinrich Maneuver" or "PDA" and some of "Obstacle 1". Personally, I like the vocal style in most of Interpol's songs, like the effects in "Roland" the just I don't know in the chorus of "Slow Hands" and the simultaneous vocals in "Obstacle 2". I know that technique is used a lot (the simultaneous vocals) but this just sounds awesome as it does most of the time.
There's probably a term for simultaneous vocals besides "simultanrous vocals" but I don't know it.

Check some songs out on YouTube:
Evil -
Slow Hands -
Obstacle 1 -
The Heinrich Maneuver -


I have some more recommendations, but I don't feel like writing about them just now. Some of them are The Refreshments and Soulfly.
Oh and Powerglove.
Mm, I have Interpol's 'Our Love To Admire' album somewhere on here. At first I found it all kinda average though I listened to them some more and they're okay. Some of the songs are kinda catchy (The Heinrich Maneuver). I'm liking them at the moment but I don't think they're amazing and to be honest I can see myself getting bored of them fairly easily.......though I do only have one album. Maybe I should listen to the others. :X
The Latch. I saw them live a few years ago. Google/ Myspace them, they have a single of 4 (5?) songs on iTunes to.
Passion Pit

Love their stuff, just started listening to them, can't get enough of it.

Its that Indie/Nu-Wave type of sound, but its unique so far every track i've heard from them is fresh, really reccomend them. I can really see a big fanbase for them down the tracks, but I just hope they don't get to the point where they go Mainstream and every 5 Minutes im hearing them played everywhere.
Someone the brits should know quite well, but I'm not so sure about the americans,
Patrick Wolf.
He's just about to start a US tour, and he's created some of the most brilliant music I've ever listened to.
Varying from orchestral scores, to electro pop, to post apocalyptic russian folk, I'd recommend him to anyone.

Albums to listen to:
The Bachelor,
and download 'Tristan', and 'The Libertine' from The Wind in the Wires.
Dir En Grey.

I'm sure a lot of people here have heard of them since we are kinda "in the loop."

However, that doesn't change the fact that they are a great band. They are a combonation of Visual Kei and Heavy Metal/J-Metal. They have won awards, including many in their native Japan as well as rave reviews outside of Asia. They were part of Family Values Tour and toured in the US with Deftones as well (most people left when DeG's set was done)

They are also a great listen from a lyrical standpoint. Many songs have an almost poetic feel to them, and the lead singer Kyo puts so much emotion into most every word he screams.

Recomemded Listening

Clever Sleazoid (not the american release from Warcon; it is a remake and it's junk. Listen to the original Japanese version)
Ryoujoku no Ame

That's just to get started. This bands catalouge is huge and an all around great listen.

Recomended listeners:
Heavy Metal
General Rock
(Jun. 02, 2009  2:15 PM)theflightyellz Wrote: Albums to listen to:
The Bachelor,
and download 'Tristan', and 'The Libertine' from The Wind in the Wires.

This song is jokes.
I have a load of friends who love Patrick Wolf but I never really listened to him all that much. Confused
Found this song on a random club mix music CD; Disco Disco By: Mabel
Inspirational song. Not many words, but is one of the most inspiring and upligting songs I have ever heard. If you are looking it up on youtube, just listen to the music and dont mind the music video. The music by itself is way better (though the music video itself is trippy).

Also an extremely entertaining song; S.M.D.U. by: Brock Landers

A unique song is Sun Vs. Moon By: Sage Francis It's a captivating song that can be taken several different ways, by meaning.

White Knuckle Ride By: Rancid Just has a plain awesome opening guitar solo.
[Image: 03-shugo-tokumaru-la-la-radio.jpg]

"Exit" by Shugo Tokumaru

So Shugo Tokumaru is this Japanese multi-instrumentalist who makes crazy eclectic indie pop. This album has been out since last year, but it's one that you shouldn't miss. Metacritic called it the fourth best album of 2008, and it delivers. Tokumaru uses all sorts of instruments and toys to get this unique sound that doesn't sound like anything else (that I've heard, anyways).

He sings in Japanese, and you won't find any translations of his songs. But lyrically, you aren't missing much. What's meant to be heard is the music--treat his voice as an instrument. It's art.

Here's a couple of examples of his music:
Shugo Tokumaru - Parachute
Shugo Tokumaru - Clocca

Check it out. You can walk right into a store and buy it--the CD was released stateside.
^Kind of makes me want to make up my own words to the songs lol. Not music I'd listen to very often, but it is a nice change. I like the way he says the word "parachute," ^-^
Michael Mind - Blinded by the light 2009
Micheal Mind - Baker Street
Klaas - Feel the love (increase mix)
Paffendorf - Self Control (Dan Winter Bootleg Mix)

what i've been listening to alot lately..mainly electro house, so idk if anyone here would like them
I think the only song I have by Paffendorf is 'Be Cool.' It's sooooo cringey. D: I'll probably end up checking them out anyways though....