Misc. Limited, Gravity, Knuckle and Boost Disk Tests.

Just because there are none posted so far, I decided to do a medley hah.

Valkyrie really not mint, but the tightest of those I own without opening a new one or using an exclusive recolour.

All of these tests done in the same session, in the following chronological order:

Wyvern Heavy Defense vs. Valkyrie Heavy Xtreme
Wyvern: 10 (OS, 3 Bursts, 1 KO/wall save)
Valkyrie: 10 (3 Bursts, 7 KO)

New parts tests
Wyvern Gravity Defense vs. Valkyrie Heavy Xtreme
Wyvern: 12 (4 KO, 4 Bursts, 4 OS)
Valkyrie: 8 (5 KO, 3 Bursts)

Wyvern Limited Defense vs. Valkyrie Heavy Xtreme
Wyvern: 8 (OS, 1 KO, 2 Bursts)
Valkyrie: 12 (5 KO, 7 Bursts)

Wyvern Knuckle Defense vs. Valkyrie Heavy Xtreme
Wyvern: 11 (OS, 3 Bursts, 1 KO)
Valkyrie: 9 (KO, 1 Burst)

Wyvern Boost Defense vs. Valkyrie Heavy Xtreme
Wyvern: 10 (6 OS, 4 Bursts)
Valkyrie: 10 (4 Bursts, 6 KO)


Gravity sort of seemed superior to Heavy. It really appeared to have to be heaved out of the stadium as if it was a dead body instead of someone alive, and you can see it by the short difference in the number of knockouts when compared to Wyvern Heavy Defense.

Limited for some reason had its 'moments of glory' where it won three rounds in a row, but then lost most of the time.

Knuckle was surprisingly good. All the Bursts Valkyrie should have gotten were essentially inexistent. Boost was equally surprising, although it really seemed to be based on luck.
Nice. Thanks for the tests. Glad to see that Gravity is also perhaps less burstable. I did some spin times with Heavy vs Gravity. I can't find the pic on my phone, but I still have the paper and will edit this post later to include the written results. But, long story short, Gravity beat Heavy by and average of 13 seconds on OHD/OGD. Pretty significant. It was only 10 rounds each though, so that might be a little bit off. It definitely seems like Gravity spins longer than Heavy though, on that combo at least. Probably any combo that calls for Heavy.
Went ahead and tested Knuckle after @[ZachBob] had mentioned how good it's treated him. https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Beyblad...pid1322568

Neptune Heavy Defense vs. Neptune Knuckle Defense
NHD: 8 wins (All SF), 40% win rate.
NKD: 12 wins (ALL SF), 60% win rate.

I was definitely very surprised by these results and I think is the prime example as to why you should never overlook anything on first glance! Knuckle definitely seems to be on par with Heavy for stamina, at the very least, but mirror matches can also vary by launch. At the moment, I'm not entirely convinced that Knuckle is so much better than Heavy. I'm also really glad to know, however, that there's another viable Disk out there. Smile
Nice. I plan on doing a bunch of tests today, mostly focusing on spin times woth Knuckle being the first one I wanna test. Here is the one I did of Gravity vs Heavy on Odin. Will type it up at some point, but for now here it is
This was done with a light launcher and short winder, with a replicable medium wrist flick, finishing at the same spot on my hip each time.
[Image: 2hcg96w.jpg]
please say which is better for you, i can't make it out on the graph.

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(Apr. 27, 2016  12:26 PM)Flame~Capricorn Wrote: please say which is better for you, i can't make it out on the graph.

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Heavy averages out to 1:32.25 while Gravity gets 1:45.75.
Did some for Deathscyther_____Revolve and got some inconsistent results with Gravity and Knuckle. It must have been the launcher or my launch. Will probably redo them at some point, but for now, here it is...
Same procedure as before. Light launcher, short winder, medium replicable wrist flick. Did them in sets of 5 to try and keep the launches a bit more consistent.
Gravity: 1:39.625
Knuckle: 1:38.125
Spread: 1:36.375
Heavy: 1:35.35
Ring: 1:31
[Image: 20160427_162735.jpg]
Just to say though, personally I am part of the community wave who sees no use in solo spin tests anymore hah.
It does show which parts have better stamina ability though. And it's good in burst i'd say since you don't wear the teeth with solo spins.
Sure, but no battle is ever conducted solo, there is always at least one hit... The second you get one impact, it makes little difference what the solo spin time was. In fact, throughout at least Metal Fight Beyblade's history, a few parts that did better in solo were actually surpassed by a few others in real matches.
(Apr. 27, 2016  9:50 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Just to say though, personally I am part of the community wave who sees no use in solo spin tests anymore hah.

I would argue that solo times are more relevant than they have been in MFB, at least with regards to Disk testing. Any Stamina loss from hits is going to be mostly governed by the shape of the Layer, so solo spin times should fairly accurately reflect which Disks are better for Stamina.
Yeah my thoughts exactly, I would think that spin lost is mostly governed by the layer. Seems like the best way to test disk stamina imo, since you can't launch simultaneously at the same exact power. It at least is a good starting point for further testing. But Deathscyther vs Deathscyther tests are almost impossible anyway cuz they always burst