Migrating from the ZP Wiki

Beywiki.com was created largely due in part to the lack of owner involvement on the ZP Wiki. Because of this, we are migrating most of the articles over to Beywiki.com. In order to play fair, abide by these conditions:

1. Only migrate the article if you wrote it yourself. Don't want to step on anyone's toes here.

2. Leave the page intact on the ZP Wiki.

If you see any articles you know were written by me, feel free to bring them over. Smile

I'll see if I can get to this this weekend. I'll know which articles you and I wrote.
Sorry for the DP, but do you have any idea about this?
Quote:Could not send confirmation mail. Check address for invalid characters.

Mailer returned: SMTP server response: 550 Authentication is required for relay
mail server problem i believe. i know both of those terms are mail server related
Argh. This mail server is killing me. I'm sick of this.
G, your account should work regardless, BTW. I'm giving you sysop status right now. The host and I are working on figuring out the SMTP problem.
Ah ok sweet!
I'll probably get to it later tonight since I have 3+ hours of extra time.
All right, cool. Smile
Just wanted to say, though the wiki is reporting errors it is sending e-mail properly.
Hmm Dragoon G needs to be restored at ZP!
Added form the OtC remains:
+Avance Averazer
+Round Shell MS

Moved from ZP:
+Death Gargoyle MS
+Draciel MS
+Dragoon V2
+Driger V2
+Jiraiya MS
+Samurai Changer MS
+Metal Balls
+Special Parts
Thanks. Smile

I updated Dragoon G at the ZP wiki. There seems to be formatting errors, however.
Don't worry, I'll fix that and add it later today.