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This event has been canceled.

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Midwest Beyblade Summit is an official WBO event to take place at Anime Festival Wichita, in Wichtia, KS. The con itself lasts 10-12.

Newest are at the top
JUNE 2: Added a request for support
JUNE 1: Removed Wolfmonkey as a volunteer.
MAY 21: Volunteer signups reopen. Looking for an unspecified number of volunteers.
MAY 1: MFB tournament is confirmed! Prize list TBA. Will be using Draft format for those who don't have an MFB.

Planned events:
2. Q and A session
3. Panel Discussion (only I will be participating as far as I know)
4. Giveaways for new players

Volunteers do not need to pay to get into the con. I am also in the process of finding housing for volunteers. I will make this as cheap as possible for you.

Even if you can't make it, there are other things you can do to help, such as ads on your websites, social networking, blogging, and just spreading the word!

If you plan on attending this event (its fine if you change your mind later) post here. I would like a rough sketch of how many WBOers are coming.

So everybody knows, the best rates for staying in Wichita for the event would be calling the hotel it's at, and asking for the "Anime Block". You will get a discount for being in the Anime Festival! By the way, you will need to buy tickets to the fest, but that's not my thing, I can't help you there. Tickets are also available on the event's website!

Fragbait (event organizer)
Deikailo (Tentative, Plastics supplier and resident expert)
G (Tournament, MFB)

Thank you for your time, and please try to make it out!

Unfortunatly, at the moment, funding is low. I am trying to secure funding through a couple sources, but for right now, all costs are coming out of my own pocket. Which is currently empty.
I am looking for some donations of either funding or supplies (unopened MFB boosters, stadiums you can lend, etc) to offset costs.
I know I'm not Brad and that most of you don't know me. However, if you could help out just a little to make sure that the biggest Beyblade event in the Midwest, EVER, goes smoothly, I would be forever thankful.
Please, if you have any questions, PM ME.
DO NOT POST HERE. PM ME.I don't need people thinking you will donate to just any tourney, and I will keep all donations confidential unless you ask me to publicize it.
Thank you very much for your consideration.

Need-to-Know Information

1. During Registration, Open Your Account Page

Open your account page on your mobile device (if possible) during registration to help us keep things quick.

2. Arrive On Time

You must arrive by the tournament start time to enter. We cannot add new players to an event once it begins. If you're running late, contact the host.

3. Stay Aware of Your Belongings

We do everything possible to ensure a safe environment, but can't be held responsible for lost or stolen goods. Keep your gear close by!

4. The Tournament Will Last At Least a Few Hours

This event is likely to last at least a few hours. If you can't commit to the entire tournament, you're welcome to come watch and play for fun instead!

5. Listen For Your Username To Be Called

Your name will be called when it's time for your next battle. If you need to leave early or take a break, tell a judge. Missing a match could mean disqualification!

im confused when and where is the beyblade tournament and i might be able to hlp spread the word on youtube
(Jun. 25, 2009  4:26 PM)ultimateblader Wrote: im confused when and where is the beyblade tournament and i might be able to hlp spread the word on youtube

Ask Fragbait about the tournament I guess.

Also, I edited the op a bit if you didn't mind.
(Jun. 25, 2009  5:31 PM)G Wrote: Ask Fragbait about the tournament I guess.

Also, I edited the op a bit if you didn't mind.

Looks good, thanks!
Update: We are on the Front Page of the Con's Website! Too bad it's just a little blip and it's barely right.
This event has been canceled.