[MidWest, USA] Beyblade group please read!

Id like to start a group of bladers who enjoy just that, beyblading. id like to start meetings across the midwest were we can all just come together and blade whether it be for points or just for fun. if youd like to see this happen please post your input and where in the midwest you live.

~Sk8nblade, Aurora Illinois~
bump come on midwest bladers lets see some drive to get this goin xD
cant keep bumping this thread come on midwesters! Lets get this thing started so we can start holding some events!
last bump for the week lets get some midwesters posting!

I've tried to get something going here before, but couldn't drum up much interest. Good luck though.

~Wichita, KS
well thanks for commenting. this is killing me that the midwesters arnt participating, if there are any haha.
I from St. Louis and there really doesn't seem to be any other bladers around here.
Closest thing we have to midwest bladers is a few that are remaining in Texas and Indiana.
Which really isn't even close >.>
I live in Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Im from seattle and would be glad to join. I love to face other people.
Theres bladers where I live alright, but no one is on the WBO
Hi,I have been new to the WBO and I have never been in a tourtement.If you know anybody that is doing a tourtement in the south like Louisiana please send me reply. Stupid

I live in SD and there are like 20 guys up here, but none are on WBO
I live in Peoria. I'd like to join, if you still are wanting to start a group, or if you already have one.