[Michigan, USA] Tournament Discussion

(Dec. 23, 2009  10:03 PM)madden610 Wrote: I want to battle any bladers in michigan

were in michagin and what day / time
(Oct. 22, 2012  10:22 PM)Blaziken Wrote: Ok so if this happens, here are the people based on what's going on in the thread.

Correct me if I'm wron or need to add your name

The archer
Yuko ray
Samurai ifraid

Soon I will have confirmed dates. But please continue to enter preferences.

hey, I want to be in too, I want to be in too
so what is it again
so what is it again
Ozzyb reminded me. You can make a suggestion for prizes too.
Ok peps whoever puts in the proposal say that I am one of the judges and or hosts blazken r u doin it
Ok we have a problem. My parents will only let me go on a forty five min car ride so we either need a new place, or I need a ride. So fr most people want to do it on the 17th of next mont, so if I can get a new place, or way to get there. The currently decided day is the 17
Well in the meantime while we are finding a place, what type of battles do you want to do?
Um I like full round robin. I hope it's possible based on haw much time it will take. Definitely not double elimination no matter what.
I could be a possible. I just looked on google maps and it says it's 57 minutes away. Just hope I can get my strongest blader set by than.
Where are you googling trickstar?
What do you guys think of there being a side tournament. The prizes will be anything you,want that cost under $100.

I hope this tournament comes together
im definitely up for a side tournament
Well first things first get the proposal in and approved then worry about side tournaments someone make a rough draft post in this thread sayin the attendees, time, day, and place then if u got that put a proposal through
Let's do this at this Fitzgerald Park on the 17th of November
Where is that park at?
O MY GOD I HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS! i meant to say Grand Ledge Just 15 minutes south of Lansing.
Ive already pmd Kai v asking if I could make the proposal
Wait. Did u mean that the whole time?
(Oct. 22, 2012  10:58 PM)Blaziken Wrote: Ozzyb reminded me. You can make a suggestion for prizes too.

does it matter Toka Tomy arts or Hasbro?

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Yeh Im ripping you off Blazeken!!!!!!! sorry im just trying to be funny........jerk........... sorry funny again Wink
Ozzyb, its Google maps.
Um yea. It's confirmed the farthest I can go is 45 min away. So... Who can not go if it's within a 45mile radius of Grosse pointe?
Let me look it up and I will let you know... not gonna confirm it but might bring a couple of peeps with me
Put fang wolf on the going list also he's my bro
Maybe we could do it in farmington hills again
Yea that is actually perfect. I'm going to get a suggestion for the new place to Kai v. The new list of people Based on the thread who could come are

Yuko ray
Fang wolf
(random friend)
(other random one friend)
The archer

Anyone else?

Farmington hills November 17th
I've made the event proposal. Although I would still like anyone who can go or might be able to go.
To tell me.